Hair Removal Product Reviews

I am not ashamed to say I have looked at quite a lot of product reviews for that annoying condition of excessive hair. No matter if you are a man or a woman, in magazines and on television all you see are tense muscles perfectly accentuated by clean-shaven bodies.

The hairy chest of the Rock and roll eighties are definitely out of style, and as I grew tired of being mistaken for Chewbacca, I decided to do something about it. This is what I found.

For Men

There is a lot of efficient creams available online to support the sometimes quite painful experience of removing unwanted hair. Products strong enough that you simply have to apply the cream and let it fester at the cluster areas of your problem zones for a few minutes, and then you simply wipe it away, cream and hair in one swift swipe, and the thick bushes that kept creeping out of sleeves and collars are history.

The hassles of ingrown hair on the other hand is a more complicated matter whatever gender you belong to. But nowadays effective creams are available for that inconvenience as well, high on moisturizer and with giving a soothing sensation to your skin, that in turn makes it gentle enough to use on a daily basis.

There is also the possibility of specialized wax strips for men. The ones that contain cooling peppermint are to recommend but of course that varies depending on the company and the brand.

For Woman

Here the supply side of the chain is proportionally bigger, as you are offered not only products for different problem zones, but also products in tune with every type of different complexion. You can target your hairy areas with products specifically designed for dry, sensitive, oily or normal skin. Since this is something you will probably need to do on a regular basis, matching up your skin type with the right product is crucial.

The Brazilian Wax

The most effective proven method out there, this one is the unchallenged champion. Since the wax trickles down deep into the root canals of your body hair, it heats them up and makes it easier to get them up by the roots as you do the close-your-eyes-and-pull maneuver.

You can also find the natural warm wax in a variety of soothing extracts, with everything from eucalyptus to red grape to orange blossom. If you can stomach this, you could just as easily conduct this procedure in the confinement of your own home, but if the mere thought of it makes your hands tremble, you should either choose a different approach or consult with a professional.

Go The Gel Way

Natural Gel’s are also a good compliment to removing unwanted hair. As you apply it to your body, your natural temperature makes it melt and then you simply wash away gel and loosened hair in the shower afterwards.

However, before you buy anything, remember to carefully go through all the product reviews available on each item.

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