Surgical Treatments For Age Spots – Is it Effective?

Solar lentigo by any other name, age spots are characterized by a brownish, blackish or reddish spots found at the surface of the skin. People over the age of 40 are plagued with this skin condition although it is not uncommon in younger people.

The more time you spend basking under the sun, the higher are your risks of developing these spots at an early age. This is because its development is triggered due to too much sun exposure. It only manifests at a later point in your life because this is the time your skin cannot do regenerative functions that efficiently anymore.

A lot of hospitals offer treatments that can remove these spots. Some of the treatments you can find are skin sanding, laser therapy, electric needle therapy and freezing. Are they effective?

When it comes to efficacy, there is a high chance of spots reduction. However, it is not without difficulty. Freezing and electric needled methods for instance are painful methods. A part of your skin, usually the topmost layer is destroyed in order to reveal new skin tissues. It is imperative that an expert do this method as it can cause scarring if not done correctly.

Laser surgery is the better choice as it does not do much damage to the skin. It only uses light to target specific areas and remove the blemish. Unlike the other treatments, it is quicker to heal. However, it is the most expensive treatment there is.

Less invasive methods are considered better choices by many people because they are pain-free and they do not need to use up all their savings just to get rid of those spots.

In comparison to surgical methods, less invasive methods are more practical choices. You can use facial creams to help make your skin look better. What you should do is find a cream that can reduce those blemishes. That means you will have to find ingredients that will work better for your skin.

Extrapone Nutgrass is one ingredient that has been making it big in the beauty industry. This has the ability to lighten spots and target darker areas in the body to blend it well with other parts. It also has the ability to reduce melanin production by up to 40% in juts a few short weeks which gives you the satisfaction of seeing early results.

Another ingredient you should look for is Manuka honey. Honey has natural bleaching properties which is why it can get rid of scars and dark pigmentations effectively. On top of that, it has the ability to reduce skin dryness. Check these ingredients out for a more effective treatment.

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