How to Adjust to Indian Culture After Living Abroad

The word Culture has many definitions and can mean anything ranging from a set of accepted behavior patterns, values, shared common experiences, practices, communication, behavior, etiquette protocol, decision-making practices and much more. Cultural differences vary from nation to nation across the globe and to understand cultural differences it is necessary that they are understood and acknowledged, before you decide to manage them. India has a rich traditional culture that dates back thousands of years. The Indian culture has not undergone much change over these years.

Many Indians in USA and those working in Indian companies in US are returning to India. These people have settled down in the West for many years and have imbibed the western culture in their lifestyle while retaining a part of Indian culture. They are too proud to let go off their roots and ensured that the Indian culture is taught to their children. While living in USA may be different, once these NRIs return to India for good they find adjusting to the Indian way of life a tad bit difficult in the initial months. With reverse migration becoming the mantra for many living abroad, most are gearing themselves to adjust to Indian culture.

The first step on how to adjust to Indian culture after living abroad would be to take it slow. It is important that you do not force you kids to give up their American culture over night but to allow them to get used to the Indian culture slowly at their own pace. This gives them the space and anything that is forced will only have bad repercussions.

It will be difficult for many Indians abroad who have stayed outside all their life to get adjusted to the noise pollution, the traffic chaos, dust, dirt and much more that India has to offer. India is a vast country with traditions and customs, languages, food etc varying from one state to the other. You will find that the traditions in the Northern parts of India are very different from those in the south. It takes a lot of understanding and adjustments to get used to the Indian culture [].

The Indian culture deems that elders in the family should be respected and this is something people from abroad have to learn. Family functions are considered very important and almost every member is expected to attend. You cannot make excuses for missing the wedding ceremony of your distant cousin or for that matter any other celebrations in the family.

For most celebrations and important festivals all the members of the family are expected to be dressed in their traditional clothes and pay respect to the elders in the family and seek their blessings. It is considered as conceit and bad behavior if anyone fails to take the blessings of the elders by falling at their feet. Learning all these small nuances about the Indian culture will help you in your adjustment.

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