The Smart, Natural Alternative to Expensive Anti Aging Skin Treatments

Every day thousands of people visit a dermatologist for expensive anti aging skin treatments. Some want to get rid of age spots, some want to remove wrinkles, some want to lighten their skin.

These treatments are tough on the budget though. One session of laser treatment can easily cost upward of $800, while the generally recommended minimum of 6 sessions of dermabrasion can leave you anything from $600 or more out of pocket. Surely there has to be a better, cheaper way to fight aging skin?

Indeed there is. In this article I’ll show you how, by simply making a smart choice in the anti aging skin care you use, you can get your skin to do exactly the same thing that these expensive anti aging skin treatments aim to accomplish.

Stimulating skin regrowth

So, exactly what is it all in aid of? What does laser treatment or dermabrasion bring to the party for your skin?

By stripping off the top layer of skin in the case of dermabrasion and chemical peels, your skin is stimulated to replace this skin with a new, fresh layer of skin. This generally improves the look of your skin. Laser surgery goes a little deeper, but works on the same principle of forcing your skin to replace damaged skin with new, healthy skin.

On the flip side, while these treatments make your skin look better, they don’t actively prevent aging! They’re a quick fix at best, and they do not address the deep underlying causes of aging skin.

Stimulating skin rejuvenation without expensive treatments

So, can you get your skin to do the same thing without the anti aging skin treatments?

Yes, and not only that, but you can actively protect your skin from aging if you use the correct products with the correct ingredients and scientific formulation. Results won’t be as immediate as they tend to be with the dermatological treatments, but the long term benefit is that you are now getting your skin to actively fight the aging process instead of just giving it a quick makeover.

Ingredients to look for

There are powerful natural ingredients that have been clinically proven to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin in the skin. These are the two proteins that provide the skin with its firmness and elasticity, which helps prevent sagging and wrinkling.

Cynergy TK, a form of bio-active keratin, stimulates the natural production of collagen and elastin.

Nano-Lipobelle Coenzyme Q10 penetrates up to 7 layers of skin to deliver its powerful antioxidant payload, while enhancing natural cell activity and also aiding in the production of collagen.

To safely lighten age spots or other hyper pigmented skin, the natural herbal extract called Extrapone Nutgrass Root can help you out without any of the harmful side effects associated with common bleaching chemicals.

If you pick the right skin care and use it diligently, it may never be necessary for you to pay thousands of dollars for expensive anti aging skin care treatments that provide absolutely no long term benefits.

Make an informed skin care choice. Activate and enhance your skin’s natural defences. Look naturally beautiful for longer.

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