Treat Baldness Naturally – Some Possible Solutions

You need to take a logical approach if you wish to prevent additional hair loss and regrow hair which you’ve already lost. First attempt to find a cause for your hair loss and then remove that cause if possible. You then need to seek treatment to reverse the hair loss and ensure future good hair growth. There are many possible treatments available, for example you could try prescription drugs, or you could use more natural methods, there are various techniques by which it’s possible to treat baldness naturally.

During the last few years there has been a worldwide interest in using natural hair restoration methods as an alternative to prescription drugs. It is very important to understand that no-one should stop taking prescription medicines without first speaking to their doctor. Also it is important to speak to your doctor if you have any health concerns just in case there is a problem which requires professional medical supervision. Having made the above comment there are several possible methods by which it is possible to treat baldness naturally.

It’s important to understand that there although there are many successful methods of eliminating hair loss, there is no single cure that is guaranteed to work for any particular individual, having made that obvious point I will now take a look at some natural hair restoration methods.

The type of food you eat may be important in helping with hair loss. Basically the type of diet considered good generally is also good for hair. Good amounts of protein, vitamins and minerals, low in fats. Natural wholesome foods rather than processed products are the rule. There may be a shortage in one or vitamins or minerals, which may be responsible at least in part for the hair loss. I will give the reader a couple of examples, iron deficiency can result in low red blood cell numbers, which in turn could result in loss of hair. Also a deficiency in B12 can be bad news regarding hair. B12 is needed for hair growth and lack of it can result in hair loss. Eating foods rich in these substances may help those deficient in them. Examples of iron rich foods are green vegetables, wholemeal bread, nuts, oily fish and liver. Foods rich in B12 are bananas, broccoli, egg yolk and nuts.

Other methods of dealing with hair loss involve putting various substances on the scalp or hair. There is a wide range of these, some people claim that some of these methods work, but in many cases there is little or no positive proof. Here are a few such methods.

* Massage raw egg white mixed with olive oil into the hair, after 30 to 40 minutes wash off and shampoo.

* Massage the scalp with olive oil. Wash the hair after the massage.

* Massage the scalp with Aleo Vera; leave for about 30 minutes and shower off with warm water.

When considering how best to treat baldness naturally, it is better to consider methods which have positive testimonials, rather than methods with no such testimonial evidence. I would advise that if you are researching for any type of hair loss remedy at all to bear the above in mind.

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