You Must Properly Care For Your Hair Scissors

As any hair stylist will tell you, having the right tools for the job can make the difference between a satisfied client with a well-executed cut and a disgusted customer who leaves no tip and writes a strongly worded letter to your boss. Having the best quality hair scissors, thinning shears and clippers will go a long way to enhance the success of your career.

Beyond just purchasing the best tools, you need to do a good job caring for them. Hair shears are an investment and you should treat them as such. Do not assume that because they were expensive up front, they will stay sharp and work well without maintenance.

The most important thing to remember when caring for your professional hair shears is to treat them as what they are: your livelihood. You should always remember to clean your hair scissors after every use, or at the very least at the end of every work day. Also take the time to look over your shears BEFORE you use them. Using damaged shears will only make them worse so take care of the problem before using these scissors again.

Always store your hair shears in a clean, dry, safe place when they are not in use. This means don’t just throw them in a drawer and call it good. If they are placed, unprotected, around other sharp hair cutting tools, your hair shears will be subject to nicks and cuts from all the other tools. If you must store them with other sharpened tools, place each one in a separate case or container so that they can’t hurt each other.

Sharpen and lubricate your shears with regularity. Many stylists agree that the time and money to sharpen hair shears can be taxing and inconvenient, but in the end it will drastically improve the life of your shears. Do not continue to use the scissors if they are dull; it will only make the problem worse. These are the kinds of things to look for when you inspect your shears before each use.

Each time you use your HAIR scissors, it should be on HAIR. Do not use these high quality, high priced tools to cut construction paper for your 5-year-olds craft time. Professional hair scissors are made from high quality, sensitive metals and should be treated as such. If you need to cut something other than hair, use scissors that are meant for something other than hair.

And finally, never let someone use your hair scissors if they cannot be trusted to follow all of the above rules. If they won’t treat your hair shears as their own, then they should not use your hair scissors as their own. Only a person with a full understanding of the importance of these tools should be allowed to borrow them.

Paying attention to the care and condition of your hair scissors, as well as your other hair styling tools, will drastically improve the functionality and life of your shears. Once again, they are an investment. If you take the time to properly care for your equipment, you will not have to purchase these expensive tools nearly as often.

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