10 Advantages and Applications Of Briquettes

People living in any part of the world need fuel to satisfy his daily living needs. Briquettes are the flammable blocks of matter prepared using extruded combustible materials. The common raw materials used for the process are sawdust, peanut, chaff from rice, crops waste, peat, etc. So, check out the advantages of the best conventional white fuel, i.e., briquette.

1. Concentrated

The Briquetting Machine makes Briquettes by compressing the raw materials. So, they are much harder, denser, and compact. They also have a high density as compared to the loose biomass. Thereby, they offer a concentrated type of energy as compared to the charcoal and firewood.

2. Slow burning

The compression procedure allows the briquette to burn for a longer time.

3. High efficiency

Another advantage of briquettes is the boosted heating value which is due to the low moisture and high density. Briquette Machine produces briquettes that relatively generate more heat as compared to other fuel.

They have high thermal value and also have much low ash content (2 to 10 %) in contrary to coal which has 20 to 40 %.

Moreover, they are 40 percent more efficient and also have a longer lifespan than firewood.

4. Smokeless

It is the unique property of Briquetting Machine to make briquettes smokeless, i.e., they create no smoke, carbon footprint, or soot. Plus, they generate little or no fly ash which all depends upon the raw material.

5. Easy Availability

Biomass Briquette Machine generates Briquettes out of the biomass materials which are available everywhere in plenty of quantity.

6. Simple to make

The commercial briquettes are sold in the market right now. But its use is quite common for heating in the ordinary households. For this, you just need a pile of combustible matter, molder, and binder to shape out the briquettes.

7. Easy to store

Its shape and size make them easy to store anywhere. You can also pile them up in the heaps as they are available in many different shapes likes cubical, rectangular, spherical, or cylindrical. In fact, they can be cleaned easily and also packed into bags.

8. Easy transportation

Biomass Briquette Machine compact the biomass waste into the briquettes which lower the volume by nearly ten times. So, it makes them easy to transport rather than lose biomass waste. Depending on their density, shape, and size, the briquettes are the best for a long distance. In fact, its loading and unloading rates are quite less.

9. Affordable

As briquettes can be made quickly with animal and plant waste, so they are affordable to produce and thereby sold at low rates too.

10. Renewable

As biomass Briquettes uses 100% organic materials so, they easily get renewed. Hence, it’s the most sustainable resource available rather than fuel.

Application of Briquettes:

1. Domestic use

Many households widely use briquettes for the cooking, space, and water heating purposes.

2. Hospitality

Hospitals used Briquettes for the space heating, water heating, and cooking applications.

3. Ceramic production

Many ceramic industries use Briquettes for the tile making, brick kilns, and pot firing.

4. Textiles

Textile industries use high-quality Briquettes for bleaching and drying purposes.

5. Commercial and institutional catering

Commercial firms use Briquettes for the grilling, cooking, and water heating.

6. Food Processing Industries

Food processing agencies use Briquettes in the drying, bakeries, distilleries, canteens, and restaurants.

7. Industrial Boilers

Industrial boilers use high-density Briquettes for the steam and heat generation.

8. Poultry

Briquettes generated out of Briquette Machines are also used by the poultry for the heating of chicks and incubation purposes.

9. Agriculture-based Industries

Agro-based firms use Briquettes for the tea drying, tobacco curing, and oil milling, etc.

10. Gasification

Many industries use Briquettes as the fuel for the gasifiers to generate electricity.

So, use Briquettes rather than firewood and charcoal.

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