PH Value And Its Relevance to the Human Body

Potential Hydrogen, commonly known as ‘pH value’ is a combination of acid and alkalis in the water or food intake by humans. The pH value varies from person to person based on their food consumption. According to the Water Research Center, the ideal pH value of water should be 7, considered safe for consumption.

The pH value ranges from 0-14 depicting the acidity or thee alkaline nature of the liquid. Anything below 7 is acidic and a figure above 7 is alkaline. For water, same amount of acid and alkali is present giving it its PH value i.e. 7. The dynamic of the liquid undergoes a tenfold change for each number. For instance,

Milk contains pH levels of around 6 and so it is 10 times more acidic than water because water is 7.

Vinegar contains pH value of 3 and that means it’s 40 times more acidic than water.

Can Imbalance in Bodily pH Levels Result In Health Issues?

Continue reading to discover the importance of maintaining balanced pH levels for a healthy body.

As the popular saying goes ‘life is a balancing act’, it is imperative for us as human to ensure balance in all our pursuits, big or small; something as simple as riding a bicycle may seem an impossible task without finding the right balance. In the same way, a human body should consume water that has balanced pH levels.

We come across usage of the term pH quite commonly, from its mention on television or newspaper advertisements, to its placement on hoardings and while browsing social media as well. But do we really understand its importance and its relevance to our overall well being?

Ideally, the pH level in human bodies needs be balanced to achieve health and longevity. An imbalance in pH levels could trigger ill health and abnormalities which may have a lasting effect on the human body.

For instance:

Too much of acid may lead to-

Weight gain, obesity and diabetes

Joint inflammation, arthritis

Bladder conditions, kidney stones

Cardiovascular diseases

Immune deficiency

Cancer, chronic illness


Hormone concerns

Premature aging

Acceleration of free radical damage

Low energy and chronic fatigue

Slow digestion and elimination

Yeast and fungal overgrowth

With an alkaline nature of the human body there are not many health hazards but quite a few health benefits. The below image conveys information on the kind of food which is acidic and types of alkaline food.

pH Value

As can be seen from the above image scheme, drinking excessive club soda and consumption of energy drinks regularly can damage your body with rise in acidic levels while consuming foods like spinach, artichoke, and lemons can only benefit your body.

Human Digestive SystemA balanced amount of alkaline and acid in water is 7 and anything less or more can affect your body badly. The pH levels can impact the body cells, glands, organs, tissues and much more. However, each part in human body has a different pH number which is ideal for the body to function. Have a look at the image that explains the number of pH value in each organ of the human body.

In this complex space of bottled water industry, it becomes real tough to pick the ideal water bottle containing optimal amount of pH value in it. However, water which is greater than 7 pH value is considered basic with no health issues but something below 7 pH can harm you on a large scale.

To avoid being a victim, ensure you drink the right kind of water which is pure, healthy and functional in nature. Functional water comes with health benefits for human body even when consumed periodically. It contains ingredients such as antioxidants, pH balance, rich minerals, vitamins and etc which make it unique.

However, the ideal pH level of drinking water is considered 7 by few International Agencies. There are few who have dug deep and come up with an approximate number that is between 6-8.5 pH. Also, pH is present in normal saline, distilled water, bottled sparkling water and facial makeup removing water for its own serving purpose.

For more detailed information on pH for different types of water in the Asia-Pacific region, check the image below.

pH for different types of water

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