Organic Face Creams – For When Big Brand Face Creams Don’t Work

Organic face creams and natural face creams and anti-aging products are becoming more and more popular amongst those in the know. By in the know I mean people who have become aware that the big name brand face creams and skin care products contain harmful ingredients, and on top of that most just don’t work.

If that comes as a surprise to you then it may interest you to know that many big brand face creams and skin care products, we well as cosmetics, contain ingredients that are suspect at best and in some cases are known to cause cancer, and are not regulated by the FDA. Hence many people are now looking for a good organic face cream instead of the mainstream product that they may now be using.

The problem is so serious that there is even an entire organization set up to try and pressure government and the anti aging skincare industry to raise their standards and ensure that ingredients in face creams and other skincare products only contain ingredients proven to be safe for human use. It’s called the Campaign For Safe Cosmetics.

Once you understand that it becomes a lot clearer why there is a huge movement towards organic and natural skincare and anti-aging products.

Because there are many entirely natural ingredients that are used in the best organic face creams, and modern science is also discovering the benefits of antioxidant activity in so many natural and organic products that are used in organic face creams.

Take Phytessence Wakame for instance. Phytessence Wakame is a seaweed native to the coast of Japan. It is a large part of the Japanese diet and highly prized for it’s effects on maintaining skin youthfulness and elasticity.

Modern science has now found out why Phytessence Wakame is so good for the skin, and the best organic face creams now use Phytessence Wakame in their ingredients, unlike the big brand names.

Phytessence Wakame is extremely high in antioxidants, amongst other things, and this anti oxidant activity is extremely beneficial to your skin, and a good anti oxidant face cream, organically produced using natural ingredients like Phytessence Wakame, work very well because of this anti oxidant effect.

Anti oxidants combat the effects of free radicals in your skin. Free radicals are simple molecules with an electron missing, and they are produced by a range of different factors, including UV exposure and other causes that result in oxidation of molecules. These free radicals seek to replace this missing electron with one from another source in your body, and this is damaging, not just to your skin but to many areas of your body.

And for your skin it results in increasing the effects of aging.

Anti oxidants help replace these missing electrons, and so neutralize the effects of these free radicals. So anti oxidants in your skin will help neutralize the effects of the free radicals in your skin, and this in turn will help slow the aging effect in your skin.

So anti oxidants in your skin are good, and a high quality anti oxidant containing organic face cream can supply a lot of anti oxidants if it contains organic ingredients like Phytessence Wakame.

So where do you get a high quality organic face cream containing such natural ingredients as Phytessence Wakame? You won’t get it on the shelves of your local department store because the small niche company that produces the best organic face cream on the market can’t compete with the marketing budgets of these big brand companies, and doesn’t try to. Rather it relies on customer satisfaction and word of mouth to market it’s products for it, and because it doesn’t use the big department stores to retail it’s products it sells it’s extremely good quality products at very competitive prices too.

Yes you can get a high quality organic face cream. But chances are you’ve never even heard of the company that makes them.

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