Natural Foods For Hair Care

Hair is a part of the body that gets affected very quickly, and your personal health reflects on your hair. Whether it is your diet, or the level of stress in your life, it affects the health of your hair, and reflects in the condition of the hair. So if you wish to look healthy as well as beautiful, it is important for you to look after your hair.

Hair care is directly associated with the diet that one takes, and the food consumption has a lot to do with hair condition. A healthy diet holds a lot of significance. It is not a widely known fact that hair is one of the first things that evidently shows that there is something different. If you do not give your hair the required level of vitamins, and other substance, it is likely that the hair will break, and the growth would be disturbed.

Before we start discussing the role of natural foods in hair care, it is important to note a few things. The first is that if your hair has been damaged by dye, it is not likely that vegetables or fruits would do anything to improve that. It also goes for hair that has not been trimmed in two years, and has split ends.

Vegetables are very good for the hair. They promote healthy growth of the hair, and prevent hair loss. The vegetables that are leafy and green are the best, because they have large amounts of iron in them. By using vegetables in your balanced diet, you can have shiny and beautiful hair. Some of the vegetables that are very good include beets, carrots, basil, mint, broccoli, as well as radish.

It is a general impression that spices are not good for health. However, there are spices like turmeric and cumin that help a lot when it comes to hair growth. Other than spices, fruits are also a great source of nutrients for the hair. It is advisable to make fruits a part of daily diet. Citrus fruits, berries, raisins, melons, and grapes are some of the most prominent fruits that help in hair growth.

If you have brittle hair that break easily, check the levels of faty acids in your body, as this is because of the lack of fatty acids. Food items having fatty acids include seeds, olives, avocados, and nuts. For hair that is greasy, and lanky, items like eggs, legumes, leafy veggies, wheat germ and dairy products should be used in the diet, and oily items should be avoided. For thinning hair, the ideal food products include wholegrain cereals, leafy vegetables, red meat, eggs, dried fruits, and legumes. The fact that hair is made of protein means that protein consumption in food is essential for healthy hair.

When you are using natural foods and healthy diet for your hair care, it is important not to indulge in habits that are likely to be harmful. Consuming aerated drinks, smoking, and drinking are some of the things that can have adverse affect on the hair. Caffeine is also something that does not tend to be good for the hair. You should also avoid washing your hair with water that is very hot, and should also blow-dry less frequently.

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