Natural Beauty – Is Beauty Really Only Skin Deep?

Natural beauty is unique. A rare quality that makes you stand out from the crowd. Everybody on this earth is unique in some way; if they weren’t then the world would be a very boring place.

Natural beauty is not a photograph of an airbrushed model. Leading manufacturers would like you to believe it is in their efforts to sell you their products. Cosmetic firms and firms who sell beauty-enhancing products all use your sense of insecurity to convince you to buy from them.

Have you ever seen photographs of these same models on their ‘bad days’ when they would rather not be photographed? They are just ordinary people. You would walk past most of them in the street and not give them a second look. Put into the hands of talented make-up artists and then modified by sophisticated computer programs the result is something that is unreal and false.

You cannot buy natural beauty, because it’s already yours. These firms cannot sell you natural beauty, because you already have it.

Beauty comes naturally to those who want it and know how to get it.

Beauty is intangible; you cannot own it, sell it, hold it or even give it away.

If natural beauty really did conform to certain standards and criteria then all areas of outstanding natural beauty would look the same, wouldn’t they? Is the Grand Canyon the same or even similar to the Swiss Alps?

Natural beauty is within the grasp of every individual. The first step is to accept yourself for who you are and gain the confidence to stand up and say ‘I am who I am’, it is having the strength to be an individual and to be unique. An original is always worth far more than any cheap copy.

Natural beauty comes from looking after yourself by eating the right foods so that your skin becomes smooth and soft to touch, not plastering yourself with make-up and presenting a false image to the world. The food you eat can add a sparkle to your eyes and a glow to your skin. You can uncover your natural beauty by doing simple toning exercises to improve your posture and add a spring to your step.

Something that is rare and special is worth a million times more than something that is false. By bringing out your individuality, you can make yourself into a rare and special person and that is what natural beauty is all about.

Natural beauty begins at the very core of your personality and radiates from you in everything you do and say. Natural beauty is about being true to yourself and believing in yourself and never about copying the looks of the models that look down on you from billboards.

These billboards are there to make you feel inadequate in some way so that you will feel compelled to buy whatever it is the manufacturer is selling, in the mistaken belief that you will look and feel better about yourself.

Beauty is never only skin-deep and never let anyone tell you different.

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