La Mer Concentrate Facial Treatment – Your Solution to Scars?

When it comes to skin rejuvenation and the treatment of scars, La Mer Concentrate Facial Treatment has been the talk of the town. La Mer is a cosmetics company with an intense background in combining natural ingredients in a scientific way to produce amazing results. While La Mer products are typically top-of-the-line and receive near unanimous praise for their effects, no product can receive my seal of approval based on reputation alone. Being curious about this product as well as having a couple of scars from accidents past, I decided to try out this product to see if it improves the visibility of scars and redness caused by other skin treatments.

Prior to use, I had a microdermabrasion session which as always leaves the skin inflamed and irritated. This was the perfect time to try La Mer Concentrate serum to determine if it helps with facial redness. After applying a small amount to one-half of my face, the results were observable within ten minutes. Ingredients such as Laminaria ochroleuca and eucalyptus globulus are plant extracts which help sooth the skin upon contact; it was evident now that half of my face appeared normal while the other half remained irritated.

The second test required more time to monitor. I applied the serum twice daily to a scar directly above my left eyebrow, hoping to see some difference after a couple of weeks of use. Within ten days, I could tell a difference; the scar had a lighter appearance and seemed to be returning to a similar color as the surrounding skin. In optimism of improvement, I continued using the serum for an additional two weeks and can report that this “miracle treatment” significantly reduced the appearance of a scar that had been present for several years. I have been told that this works especially well on cuts/scars after surgery.

There are downsides to La Mer Concentrate as well. First off, the price tag runs in the $400-500 category, making it out of reach for many individuals. There is a 5 mL version available for $35, however, so anyone who is curious and would like to try it on an evaluation basis can afford it. The product also can block pores in those with sensitive skin, so be prepared if your skin is prone to breakouts.

La Mer products are highly functional, but what makes this concentrate so good? There are a couple of active ingredients that allow it to be such an effective healing agent:

* Laminaria ochroleuca – Also known generically as kelp, this is a mainstay in many La Mer products and is excellent for treating burns and aiding in skin growth

* Niacin – This helps the skin in the form of both an antioxidant and a skin whitening agent; a heavy contributor to the reduced visibility of scars

For those who suffer from visible scars and irritation from surgery or other cosmetic procedures, this quality product makes a great antidote. Once you apply La Mer Concentrate to your troubled areas, you will kick yourself for not trying it sooner!

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