Facts and Myths About Losing Your Hair

Having a good looking head of hair is a key component of our overall “package” along with clear skin, a bright smile and a stylish ensemble. This is the paradigm of our appearance-conscious society. When we start to lose it, however, we begin to feel our overall appearance has been compromised.

If you are starting to go bald, know it may be genetic and can come from either side of your family. If the hair-loss gene is apparent through the glowing dome of a relative or family member, chances are it may reside in you as well.

My brother spent much of his adult life under a welding helmet and he’s much more follicly challenged than our father. However, wearing a hat does not cause hair loss. Unless what you wear on your head is so tight that it restricts blood flow, thereby cutting off circulation to your hair follicles, that is not your cause for losing it.

  1. Any hair care products you use will not cause your hair to fall out so you can gel, mousse and hairspray your heart out…all to the complete delight of hair product retailers.
  2. Don’t try standing on your head to promote blood flow to the hair follicle, it won’t work and it may give you a headache. (Some people actually do this?)
  3. Cutting your hair does not make it grow back thicker. This is a misconception. When you cut your hair, you blunt the end which gives it the appearance of being not only darker, but thicker. When hair grows out naturally, the ends are tapered and appear finer and lighter. This holds true for hair anywhere on your body.
  4. If you notice your hair falling out when you blow dry it, this can be caused by heat of the hair dryer. A blow dryer not only plumps up your hair shaft but it can dry it out as well as burn it and cause it to break. In this instance, hair grows back and hair loss is not permanent.
  5. Brushing your hair can cause breakage and damage. It’s better to use a comb. Brushing may also lead you on a path to patterned baldness and split ends.
  6. Daily or excessive washing of your hair does not cause hair loss or the products you use when you wash it. It is recommended that you wash your hair 3 times a week but washing it more will not cause hair loss.
  7. Hair coloring products with chemicals will damage your hair, if not used properly, but it won’t be the cause of you losing your hair.
  8. Stress can cause hair loss if you’ve experienced, let say a surgery or some other traumatic event to your system. Stress can stop your hair follicles from growing temporarily. Eliminating the instigator of your stress will kick your hair growth back into gear.
  9. A hormonal imbalance can cause temporary hair loss, as is common with women after pregnancy. If it happens to you, the important thing to remember is that the hair will grow back.
  10. Hormones themselves are not related to losing your hair but be warned if you are a bodybuilder and taking anabolic steroids. The chemical component in the steroids will accelerate hair loss with any recovery of lost follicles taking years!

It looks like genetics is the leader when it comes to hair loss. What to do when losing your hair?… Embrace it. Shave it, fill it, weave it, get a hairpiece or leave it alone. Whatever you choose to do make it work for you and forget everybody else. Your hair is not who you are!

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