Enagic USA, Inc Review – Their Vision Through Water

People are curious about what I do and once they find out they often ask me “Why did you choose Enagic?”

Around the time I became an Enagic Distributor, I was looking to expand on the income streams that I had already established. Not because they weren’t working, but because I believe strongly in diversifying.

To me diversification of income streams means stability and security. It scares me to death to see people relying on their job as their sole source of income. Nothing else, just their job! Period!

What if the building they work in suffers a catastrophic event like a flood or fire? What if they have an accident on the way to work and need an extended period of time to recover? What if the economy takes a downturn and their employer has to cut staff? What if the employer simply decides to close down? What if their employer is having a bad day and takes it out on them by firing them?

As I said, it scares me to death that the majority of people are exposed to this uncertainty. It’s cruel, and I decided long ago, that it’s not for me!

The Enagic company was presented to me as an opportunity to create an online and/or offline income, and so I began my research.

I found out that Enagic was first established in Japan some 44 years ago. That was the first box ticked – it was clear that they were a stable company with years of experience, so whatever they were doing was obviously working.

Then I found out that they made an amazing machine with technology that produces different types of water, and I did some more due diligence.

I was impressed to say the least. And that was pretty much where my journey began…

I ordered a machine and started drinking the water that the machine produces. I fell in love with the product. The more I learned, the more I loved it, and my health improved remarkably.

I learned that it was much more than just a water filter that removes toxic carcinogenic chlorine.

It also produces ionized alkaline and acidic waters through electrolysis using chromium plates which are double dipped in platinum. There is no other ionizing machine on the market that is built to these extremely high standards.

I learned that the waters can be used for various purposes, including drinking, cooking, beauty, and cleaning.

The drinking waters range from 8.5pH to 9.5pH.

This is really significant because diseases love to thrive in an acidic environment and drinking water with these pH levels literally neutralises the acidity in your body, so that diseases have an extremely difficult time thriving.

Using 9.0pH water for cooking is amazing for enhancing flavours. Restaurants with an Enagic water machine report very favourable feedback from customers, which ultimately increases their turnover.

The Beauty Water is used to replace a variety of skin care products that contain petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances, chemical preservatives, and chemical fillers.

Over 400 hospitals in Japan use the 2.5pH Water that the machine produces, as a disinfectant.

The machines are registered in Japan as medical devices. Note: it may not yet be registered as a medical device in your country.

The 11.5pH water dissolves greasy messes and makes light work of difficult cleaning jobs.

Because the machine also alters the structure of the water, it has the ability to provide rapid hydration which is especially beneficial to professional athletes and is becoming widely used by coaches of elite sporting teams, and by individuals competing in physically demanding activities.

There are also many other uses like treating everyday ailments and conditions from psoriasis, insect bites, jelly fish stings, fungal feet conditions, cuts, abrasions, burns, and even gangrene!

And last but not least, my Enagic ‘K8’ machine produces drinking water which is extremely high in antioxidants! So it’s great for health and anti-aging.

Disclaimer: Enagic is always up front, transparent and truthful. They will never claim that the product will cure any disease, condition or ailment. The level of income generated by becoming an Enagic Distributor will vary depending on individual efforts.

I love their ethics!

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