Acne Treatments and Alternative Treatments Used to Control and Prevent Acne Breakouts

Do you or someone you know, suffer from stubborn acne? Are you aware of the variety of treatment options used to control and help prevent acne? Both men and women suffer from facial and body acne, it is not just a teenage problem. The treatment recommended for teenage acne may not be suitable for an adult. The cause of acne is as individual as is the person.

Causes of Acne

Factors like dust, pollution, and chemicals which are part of our everyday environment (whether or not it’s visible) are common culprits. The most common cause of acne breakouts is hormonal changes in our body. Fluctuations in hormones create changes in our body’s production of oil, and bacteria thrive on dirt, oil, and dead skin cells. This creates the perfect environment for acne blemishes to occur.

Treatment Options

The treatment options aimed at preventing and controlling acne breakouts are significantly different. Some treatment options available include facial cleansers and products aimed at exfoliating the skin and keeping it moisturized, while other acne treatments require a prescription and careful monitoring due to their strength and possible side effects.

Benzoyl Peroxide

Acne products like most facial cleansers, whose main ingredient is benzoyl peroxide are used to help eliminate the bacteria that promotes acne. These products generally have a tendency to dry out the skin and can be quite abrasive, so people with sensitive skin may want to choose a more gentler product.


The prescriptions that doctors often prescribe are antibiotic in nature and are often recommended for tough cases of acne. Antibiotics help to treat the inflammation of blemishes and start by attacking the bacteria that are causing the breakouts. These acne products are most effective if taken orally but are available in a gel form.


To treat severe cases of facial acne retinoids are recommended. Retinoids work by opening up clogged pores and by decreasing the body’s production of oil. A common side effect is drying of the skin and possible liver damage caused by an elevation in the blood fats. A pregnant women shouldn’t use a retinoid product as it can cause birth defects in babies. Anybody who is using a retinoid should be extra cautious as it is documented to increase bouts of depression and suicide.


The most effective way to treat and prevent an acne outbreak is through a healthy diet, by drinking lots of water, and by eliminating stress from your life. A daily skin care regime is definitely recommended and is very beneficial to your skins appearance.

Acne Products & Organic Alternatives

Even if you have sensitive skin, there are products that help control and reduce facial blemishes and scarring caused by acne. There are even organic alternatives for treating zits and pimples. We’ve found a great product that is organic, hypo-allergenic and non-comedogenic (does not promote further acne breakouts like other products) and we recommended everyone who is suffering from embarrassing acne to try it.

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