McDonald’s Nutrition: We Are Not Just Hamburgers Anymore

Mc Donald has a way of delighting your taste buds keeping in mind the McDonald’s nutrition included, they have come a long way to become the main supplier of fast foods of all sorts. Their fast foods are the talk of the town. It is no wonder the media has these days tended to focus their attention on McDonald’s. The McDonald’s hamburger are said to be capable of staying for long. They will not compose and even after staying for a whole six months. There’s even a video on YouTube showing a guy who bought his hamburgers in the year 1989 and two decades later that is in the year 2007, it had not decomposed. The video received numerous reviews. Today the guy has numerous hamburgers in his basement. In fact he has created a whole museum.

Numerous people ask whether it is really possible to go out there and find burgers that are healthy. A keen analysis on the nutritional information provided by McDonald’s reveals that these is what they are geared towards providing. They have foodstuffs with low fat and calorie content. They provide a number of choices from which one ought to choose from one being foodstuffs that contain less than 500 calories and having fat content of 15 or even lesser grams. All these nutritional facts are available online making this famous food joint your number on choice. You get the opportunity to order hamburgers that do not have condiments and with no cheese thus reducing the intake of calories and fat content. It also limits sodium intake.

Other than hamburgers, this fast food place offers a number of other foodstuffs. They have decent sandwiches of chicken. One is the grilled chicken having 420 calories and fat content of 20 grams and the second one being the premium grilled chicken Ranch sandwich that has 470 calories and fat content of 12 grams.

They also have wraps on their menus. They offer two tangible wrap options. One known as the grilled honey mustard snack wrap and the second one referred to as the grilled honey mustard chipotle BBQ. Both of these great wraps have 260 calories and fat content of only 9 grams.

There is also a third wrap offered by McDonald’s. This is the Home style chicken go wrap. These great wrap has calorie content of 310 grams and fat content that adds up to 15 grams. All these and a number of other great foods offered on their menus make McDonald’s your number one place for fast foods.

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