Why New Prospects Want Simple Plans For Success – Can You Deliver?

Every professional networker knows that talking with new contacts or prospecting is a lifeline to success. You get your lists, emails, brochures, DVD’s, 5-step plans, and other tools and start talking to anyone who might keep their options open for extra home-based cash and time freedom. They might ask politely, “What kind of a home business do you have?” Well, the flood gates have been opened and you regurgitate as much as you can before they may shut you down with, “I’m not interested.”

But at least you have made an exposure. I fully remember working with a top team using their cold calling script on the phone. It was called a 60 Second script, but believe me, it was five pages long and covered details like the liquid nutrition business, specific nutrients, immediate positive cash flow, deductions, fastest growing team in the world, dive for five, retail, wholesale, and fast track millionaire pack…all before the prospect could say a word in between. And there were times I ended up trying to sell myself again.

It is time to turn the table around and ask the prospect about his or her concerns about how to start a home business.

Here is a script they may say to us recruiters before we start the wonders of our programs.

PROSPECT: Here’s what I’m concerned about. Definitely, the global economic times are critical. Most people are extremely nervous about their future with many families who are barely getting by and some are even losing everything. In fact, I’ve read reports by some economists predicting that things may get even worse before they get better. If unemployment continues to rise, highest in 14 years at this point, it may affect my family. I definitely would like to be better prepared. The bottom line is if we are not in an economic crisis, we are certainly close to one! It only makes sense to enquire about opportunities which can be found in growing industries such as technology, communication, wellness, nutrition, or marketing options.

Even if I begin by making $500 per month from a networking home business, that would help – pay off my phone bill, water bill, whatever. The point is, extra cash flow helps – especially when based on low-cost entry! I know there are other families out there who say that once they pay off their rent, food, credit, car and gas expenses, they barely have enough money to survive much less assign any extra money to start a business. You know, there’s not enough cash left over to nurture a few savings to help their retirement years (which experts predict will be at least one third of our lifetime).

Now you’re quick to bring up a life in the pursuit of dreams is worth living. Well, here are my dreams – and you must never use them as some kind of fuel to launch me into something we both know I would not be able to do. Of course, I want to enjoy a new lifestyle and future for my family. Of course, I want to beat the learning curve and save time and money. Of course, I understand that the longer I wait, the longer I will be constrained by financial worries. Frankly, I’m tired of waking up in the morning and focusing on how to solve this cash flow crisis instead of making decisions based on doing things I enjoy for long term interests. I know there is a cost either way – standing still, earning less, yearning more or moving ahead, earning extra money and dreaming new goals. I would not sabotage my family’s worth or future IF there was truly a basic program I could do. But here’s what I would be interested in.

Let’s say I agree that there is no other home-based industry for a low-cost, profitable option because you don’t need to start a home business from scratch or invest thousands, (or hundreds of 1000’s) for a franchise). Even the philosophy is acceptable of believing in personal growth, helping others, making a difference, wanting the best out of life and being open to new ideas and cutting edge thinking. (I read this in a book once).

However, I also know there are a lot of issues about network marketing and most people don’t make it for a variety of reasons. But here’s what would work for me:

I don’t know enough about how the basic principles of this business so I want a quick overview of its basic values beyond any company or products. The real values of leverage, duplication and residual income by using Information tools in our ever-changing Information Economy will outweigh a brand of soap or candle. Don’t give me a line-up of products to start with.

I want a well defined and standardized plan that others can learn and share quickly. This plan will allow people to manage training and development on their own time.

I want information tools to make the presentation on my behalf. It is never about being a top salesman or dealing with personal rejection. Either people get what the expert is saying or assume they know more.

I want a plan that will allow me to make money quickly because that is all the self-motivation and training I need. I don’t want to be an internet superstar…if I develop leadership skills it will be after I make a lot of money that every day people can do.

I don’t want to be coached by some trainer who tries to make distributors feel like there is something wrong with them and THAT’S why they aren’t successful. I don’t want to spend countless hours listening to endless calls and chasing people for their opinions. At 6:00 PM, I’d like to listen to my favorite TV news broadcast, not another corporate training call.

Did you mention a 3 Steps to Success Plan? Are you sure this home business can be done in 3 Steps with no loss of critical information? If this works, you realize this will democratize the world of home business in the same way as a simple black mass produced Model T Ford got more people on the road. This is like “a chicken in every pot” slogan from the 1930’s depression. MLM will be called MoneyLikesMe or vice versa – and why not – there’s enough availability – it’s the distribution which is badly skewered.

How would your presentation stand up to meeting the needs of prospects?

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