What One Fish Has Higher Omega 3 Fats Than Salmon?

You can grill it, smoke it, poach it or cure it, but this fish is becoming one of the most popular fish on menus today. It is called Alaska Black Cod or also known as Sablefish. Sablefish is known for its rich flavor and delicate texture.

Sablefish is low in calories and is an excellent source of high quality protein and essential fatty acids. If you had to choose just one fish loaded with Omega 3 fatty acids with great flavor then Alaska Black Cod (Sablefish) would be the choice. Did you know that this fish can contain up to 50% more Omega 3 fats (EPA and DHA) than salmon?

Black Cod is harvested generally in the icy waters of Alaska’s Bering Sea and Gulf of Alaska. It is one of the highest quality cod fillets available. Because it has a firm texture, it adapts well to many different cooking methods such as baking, poaching, steaming or sautéed.

It is found in the muddy sea beds at depths of 1000 to 9000 ft and is considered a delicacy in many countries for its sweet taste and flaky texture. When prepared correctly it will literally melt in your mouth, which is why it is sometimes referred to as “butterfish”. As mentioned before Sablefish is not only a great source of high quality protein and Omega 3 fats it is also a great source of phosphorous, iron, zinc and calcium. The fats in Sablefish are highly polyunsaturated and thus well suited for lower cholesterol diet. One 4 oz serving of this delicious Sablefish provides approximately 1.5 grams of the essential fatty acid Omega 3. More and more research is showing the benefits of Omega 3 fatty acid consumption and essential fats. Not only can they help to lower cholesterol levels, but they fight off inflammation, potentially speed up metabolism for fat loss and control blood sugars to help prevent diabetes.

The sustainability of Sablefish is very good. Even though it has become quite popular amongst consumers in the last few years Alaska holds the largest population of this fish in the world and this fish is at the lowest level of concern for fish sustainability. The Alaskan Black Cod population is not close to approaching the overfished status.

The one downside to Alaskan Black Cod is that it has to be shipped to most parts of the world since most of it comes from Alaska. This can add to the cost of the fish as well as many stores deciding not to carry it because of the cost. You will find it in higher quality restaurants where they can charge more for it or you may have to order it online and have it shipped to your house. This can also add to the cost.

If you can’t afford Alaskan Black Cod there are other great tasting cold water fish such as Salmon to provide you with the benefits of great high quality protein and essential fatty acids. You can also find a high quality source of essential fatty acids in capsule form so that they you can get the benefit of Omega 3 fats and not necessarily have to shell out the money to consume it in edible fish form.

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