What Is Worse Then Fat?

People make a big deal about fat. But the thing that I really feel is important to watch is the simple carbs. We often hear terms like “empty calories” or “empty carbs” those would be hollow foods right? I don’t like those terms. When was the last time that you looked at the nutrition facts on the back of a box of something and seen the “empty calories” listed?

Simple carbs are good and very important, sometimes. But often they are just turned to fat. Not only are they turned into fat much of the time. But we consume a lot of simple carbs. And another kicker is that simple carbs are found in a lot of are drinks. And it is a lot easier to drink your calories then it is to eat them. So many people that have too much fat actual aren’t getting killed by what they eat (literal) but rather by what they drink. Sometimes even by things that they thought were OK or actual good for them.

Let’s take a look a minute at “Bob” and see how many simple carbs he drinks.

Breakfast Orange Juice 30 grams of simple carbs

Lunch can of pop 40 grams

Supper a couple servings of pop 60-80 grams

During and after workout Gatorade 60 grams

Watching tv more pop 40-80 grams

That’s just an estimate. And maybe some of you don’t ever drink that much. But I can guarantee that there are people out there that easily drink like that. And that’s just drinking, not including what they eat! By the way the total there was 230 grams or more. I also didn’t include all the sugar that many people include with their coffee. I know people that drink a lot more simple carbs then that. But I thought that ” Bob” still drank enough to be a good example.

You probably thought that Orange Juice was good for you. And it is. But you still need to be aware that it has simple carbs that can become fat. You probably knew that pop wasn’t good for you but you may not have realized just what a huge difference it could make. Let me say something a minute. I believe in hard work. I don’t necessarily think that harder means better but when I hear something like “people used to think that they really needed to train hard to see results. They believed in turning up the Rocky music and pushing through. But now we know that we shouldn’t train like that and if you buy my product I will show you the proper way to train and it doesn’t involve hard work.” Then I figure it’s probably a marketing scam to sell products to people that want to get results without putting in the work. Point is usually if something sounds really easy and simple it’s probably not true.

But there are times when the simple solution really is best. And cutting pop is one of them. I know people that drink so much pop that if they even cut their intake in halve they could see great results. If they total eliminated it they would probably not halve to make any diet or exercise changes and still be in great shape. Keep in mind hear that I am not talking about people that are already in good shape. I am talking about people that are overweight. Some of these people could go from overweight to downright ripped just by making one diet change. Eliminate pop.

Let’s get one thing straight, you can turn any calorie into fat. You can get fat off of protein shakes. But there are things that are beneficial in large quantities, things that are beneficial in moderate quantities, and things that are only beneficial in very small quantities. And soft drinks, candy, doughnuts and similar sweets are only beneficial in small quantities once in a while. In fact I do believe there are times that it’s actual good to eat the things contained in these products, but these times just don’t come around very often so I advise cutting them from your diet as much as you can and you may start to see your body get cut as well.

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