What Are the Best Recipes Using the GI Index?

The GI, fully pronounced as the glycemic index, is a popular term and has been defined as “a measure of the impact of food on an individual’s blood sugar”. Thus, foods that are low in glycemic index will surely reduce the amount of calories acquired and the amount of body fat gained. The recent calls and demands for GI recipes is an indication of the fact that people are becoming increasingly aware of the health benefits of low calorie foods and the dangers of consuming lots of high calorie foods. Quite a few health experts, nutritionists, and fitness gurus are beginning to recommend the diet.


Apart from the health and weight loss benefits, the GI index diets are useful and effective for people with health conditions such as diabetes. The low calorie and low sugar contents of such diets ensures that diabetics get the best nutrition available without necessarily jeopardizing the status of their health. Thus, it is not uncommon to find a lot of people looking for recipes that will give them both the benefits of a good tasty meal and the added advantage of a balanced nutritional content. Therefore, if you are looking for GI index recipes that work, here are a few low GI ideas that also provide a variety of much needed nutrients:


1. Tuna Steak with Apricot Compote: Since fish have an abundance of Omega-3, which is very good at keeping the mind very focused, improves mental health and the heart, it makes a good ingredient in preparing low GI index foods. This delectable treat is a perfect combination of tuna fish and a combination of tomatoes and apricots mixed to tasty compote. The necessary ingredients include a medium sized tomato, half small onion and teaspoon of dried thyme, one steak of tuna, one tablespoonful of brandy, one tablespoonful of balsamic vinegar, eight apricots (dried is better), crisp lettuce, and ground pepper. This recipe is not only tasty, it is healthy and has a low GI number of course.


2. Lentil cakes with Roasted Mushroom:  Proteins are certainly a valuable aspect of your diet especially when aiming for a low GI number. A good source of this is a combination of both the lentil cakes and roasted mushroom. This particular recipe is a perfect low GI choice for vegetarians. This one requires one onion (medium sized), sliced crimini or chestnut mushrooms (two cups), two-thirds of chopped walnuts, an egg, a teaspoonful each of Italian seasoning or mixed herbs, Worchester sauce and half cup of dried red lentils. To get the desired food, begin with allowing the lentils boil for about ten minutes. Then remove all scum after which you then allow it to boil again for another quarter of an hour. Remove all the water from the lentils and allow it to cool. On cooling, mix it with the chopped walnuts, mushrooms, and onion. You should be able to get 4 cakes from the mix.  After this, cook with a small amount butter for nearly half an hour and it’s ready to be served.


Obviously, your diet should include more than just the two dishes listed above, but this simply gives you the opportunity to see that if you are aiming for a low GI diet, you are not giving up the ability to have tasty and highly nutritious meals. Simply choose foods from the Glycemic Index and mix and match as you see fit to create the perfect taste and HEALTH combination’s for you!

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