Top 3 Muscle Building Foods to Gain Muscle Fast

The biggest challenge for most people looking to gain muscle fast is getting the right foods at the right time to consistently make improvements. There are several muscle building foods that you should have in your kitchen at all times. A well balanced bodybuilding diet consists of plenty of complex carbohydrates, lean proteins and healthy fats. Here are three foods that you can prepare in several different ways to keep your body lean, healthy, and building muscle.

Complex Carbohydrates

The first food you need to make sure you have plenty of is a complex carbohydrate. A couple great choices are sweet potatoes, brown rice, and any type of bean like black beans, pinto beans, or kidney beans. These sources for carbohydrates will give your body the energy it needs to have intense productive workouts in the gym so that you can continue to gain muscle fast. If you have a fast metabolism and have trouble gaining mass then you may need to add additional complex carbohydrates so that you can get a surplus of calories each day. If you tend to gain fat easily then you need to be careful with your portions and not eat too many of these because they can add up quickly and start appearing on your waistline. You want your muscle building foods to add muscle and not too much fat.


The other essential and extremely important food that you must have an abundance of is protein. It’s best to stick with lean proteins so that you can get your fat source from healthy fats. Your body does require some saturated fat though and it has been proven that saturated fat is essential for healthy testosterone production so don’t cut it out completely. Some great lean protein sources to gain muscle fast include omega 3 eggs, chicken breasts, ground turkey, and lean grass fed beef. If you add these muscle building foods to your diet each day you should easily meet your protein requirements which are about 1 to 1.5 grams of protein per pound of lean body weight. Some people go up to 2 grams per pound of lean body weight but if you are getting plenty of complex carbohydrates in your diet they actually act as a protein sparing food and you can get away with eating a bit less protein.

Healthy Fats

The third and final nutrient that you must add to gain muscle fast are healthy fats. Fat has got a really bad rap in America but it is an essential macronutrient that must be added to your muscle building foods grocery list. Omega 3 fatty acids are an essential fatty acid that helps your body recover, stay lean, and reduces inflammation. They can be found in milled flax seed, cold water fish, and certain nuts like walnuts and almonds. Olive oil is another very healthy choice that can be added to your foods. Fats should make up at least 20-30% of your total caloric intake. They provide energy as well as slow down the digestion of your meals creating a slow steady release of the energy into the bloodstream.

Create a list of muscle building foods before you go grocery shopping. Planning ahead and making sure your kitchen is stocked up is one of the most important things you can do to make consistent gains. Eat these three foods 5 to 6 times per day to gain muscle fast!

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