The Vision Promoting Benefits Of Corn For Better Eyesight

There is a relationship between the kind of food that we eat and the quality of our physical health. Our diet more importantly, influences the health of the most important sense we possess; the sense of sight. Therefore, it is our responsibility to feed our eyes with the right nutrition, vitamins and minerals for better vision. One way we can accomplish this goal is to eat the right foods for better eyesight. One example of such a food to improve eyesight is corn. Therefore, here are some of the vision benefits of corn for better vision health:

Corn belongs to a family of yellow foods that protect your eyes. Corn is actually a good source of the vision promoting nutrients Lutein and Zeaxanthin. The richest concentration of these nutrients are found in the Macular of the eye. These nutrients are depleted with the process of aging and poor nutrition. Therefore, we need to keep feeding our eyes these important nutrients to keep them healthy and protected from age related vision disorders such as Macular Degeneration and Cataracts.

Research studies suggest that making corn a regular part of your diet reduces your risks for cataracts and also helps to preserve the yellow pigments in the eyes. According to nutritionists about a half a cup of corn provides about 1.8 grams of food for the preservation of the healthy yellow pigments essential in maintaining healthy eye health. A deficiency in the density of these yellow pigments in the eyes occurs during the development of the age related vision disorder Macular Degeneration.

Research suggests that one of the ways you can effectively solve eye problems associated with the depletion of these yellow pigments in the eyes is to incorporate a diet into your daily routine that consists of corn and lots of fruits and vegetables.

A research study has shown that women who consumed corn on a daily basis in conjunction with fruits and vegetables were able to reduce their risks for Cataracts. If you are interested in keeping your eyes healthy one of the ways you can accomplish this goal is to make corn a regular part of your daily diet. You can also improve your vision health by making corn an integral part of a healthy balanced diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and healthy omega 3 rich foods like salmon and tuna.

Ultimately, if you want to protect your eyes from the negative effects of the aging process then one of the best ways you can accomplish this goal is to make corn an integral part of a healthy balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables for healthier eyes and better vision.

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