The Safety Instructions of Eating Sweet Potatoes

Many people like to eat sweet potatoes. Potatoes not only have good taste but also contain abundant nutrients. They contain abundant protein, starch, amino acid, dietary fibers, carotene, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin E, calcium, potassium, iron and other trace elements. What’s more, the contents of heat, fat and cholesterol are rather low. Sweet potatoes play an important role in protecting the physical health for the human body. They can not only help people lose weight and prevent cancer, but also avoid the loss of calcium. The dietary fibers can stimulate the intestinal peristalsis and the secretion of digestive juice and decrease the risks of getting gastric and intestinal diseases for people.

In order to maintain the balanced supplementation of various nutrients, people should eat sweet potatoes together with vegetables and fruits. In addition, people should eat potatoes at noon, as the sunlight in the afternoon can accelerate the absorption of calcium inside the human body. Before people have supper, calcium contained in potatoes can be absorbed completely.

At the same time, people should remember that they should not eat potatoes together with persimmons. The sugar contained in potatoes can ferment in the stomach to accelerate the secretion of gastric juice. Then it can be integrated with the tannic acid contained in persimmons to form hard lumps. Sometimes, gastric bleeding and gastric ulcer can be caused. Once people eat potatoes and persimmons at the same time, they should observe closely whether they have any uncomfortable symptoms. If some uncomfortable symptoms are caused, people should go to hospital for check in time.

In addition, people should not eat potatoes excessively. The oxidase contained in potatoes can easily produce a large amount of carbon dioxide in the gastric and intestinal tracts inside the human body, and then some uncomfortable symptoms like abdominal distension can be caused. In addition, the high content of sugar contained in potatoes can stimulate the secretion of gastric acid. The acid juice can stimulate the stomach to force people to spit acid water. At the same time, the human body can not absorb the sugar completely. The extra sugar can ferment in the intestinal tract to cause abdominal distension. Therefore, it is not suitable for all the people to eat sweet potatoes. All the instructions of eating sweet potatoes should be followed carefully so as to prevent the possible harms effectively. People should not eat potatoes randomly at improper time.

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