Satellite TV – Offering Programming for Your Health

Satellite TV provider Dish Network added Veria TV to their line up some time ago. For a population that is growing increasingly aware of health and wellness issues and one which is also aging, such programming may fill an important niche for viewers in the US.

A NY Times article on 1/8/08 reported that national health care spending topped $2 trillion in 2006 and now accounts for 16% of the total output of goods and services. Record numbers of Americans are battling diseases such as diabetes and fighting obesity. Certainly attention toward preventative measures is driving many to examine the need to attend more closely to their nutrition and fitness. Alternative medicines are gaining acceptance, nutritional supplements are flooding the market, and fitness equipment now occupies most American homes. Educating Americans on such topics is a massive effort, and having programming such as Veria on satellite TV can make such information more accessible.

Beyond typical health concerns, the aging of the American population is also driving an increased focus on health and wellness. Estimates indicate that the over 65 population will exceed 70.3 million by no later than 2030. Pair this information with the estimate that individuals are expected to live longer beyond retirement and have expectations of remaining productive and active, and the need to learn and incorporate healthy living strategies into the lives of all individuals becomes apparent. For this portion of the population, the satellite TV offering of Veria is perfectly targeted.

Veria describes itself as focusing on living well, naturally and provides 24/7 programming from experts on everything from nutrition and cooking to alternative medicine and fitness. Backyard Boomers is a show which is dedicated to topics such as gardening, natural health and wellness, landscaping, and recreation. Viewers can even learn more about activities such as grilling and simple ways to alleviate stress. Bedside Manor provides an interesting dialogue between two physicians, one as an advocate of alternative medicine and the other as a proponent of more traditional medicine, in addressing various common medical issues.

It also offers programming targeted toward some of the more popular fitness activities such as Yoga and Pilates. Numerous shows address nutritional needs and provide recipes and cooking demonstrations that run from gourmet to the everyday. Naturally Delicious focuses on vegetarian cuisine and The Sweet Tooth provides tasty, yet health conscious ways to satisfy sweet cravings.

The Incurables is another notable show offered on the satellite TV station. The show follows the stories of individuals who are experiencing and overcoming debilitating or life threatening illnesses with alternative or combined alternative and conventional medical approaches.

Veria is broadcast in high definition and is available on the Dish Network Satellite TV channel 9575. For current satellite TV customers, Veria is available a la carte for only $2.99 per month. The programming is also available at no additional charge for those who subscribe to the America’s Top 250 package. For the growing number of American’s who want to take a more active role in assuring their health, Veria may be on a short list of must see programming.

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