Rujuta Diwekar Is the Famous Mumbai-Based Nutritionist and Celebrity

Rujuta Diwekar is the famous Mumbai-based nutritionist and celebrity, and the bestselling author of the book ‘Don’t lose your mind, lose your weight.’ The book garnered a lot of attention and has sold more than ‘2 lakh copies in four languages’, as Diwekar’s website proclaims. The book was in the national bestsellers list more than 100 weeks after it made its debut. She followed it up with a book called ‘Women and Weight Loss Tamasha’; the book has sold 1 lakh copies since its 2011 release.

We call Diwekar a celebrity as her clientele includes the businessman Anil Ambani and Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor. The daughter of chemistry Prof. Rekha Diwekar, Rituja’s first book was published by Random House. She is also an avid trekker and undertakes marathon training programs. But primarily she is a nutrition consultant who offers a particular eating pattern that you are never off your diet. Diwekar also operates a gym and has one by the name of Urja, a fitness studio.

Rituja believes that exercise goes beyond what a person does within the confines of the gymnasium. It is for this reason that the country’s first ever marathon training program has been initiated by her. The training program is a 14-week long program and is a tedious exercise in outdoor sports. Presently no other agency or sports institute offers an exclusive course on marathon, so Diwekar is again making a mark in the Indian health sector. Those who have been part of Rujuta Diwekar’s marathon program have talked about finding their positive energy again. There are others who have totally turned into running, they are now converts. One of them has stated that he has rediscovered the love for the outdoors. One of the participants of the marathon program is quoted on Diwekar’s site, “Joined up for Marathon training but landed up in a great and fun-loving group of Marathoners led by the redoubtable Rujuta! Was already doing HMs (half marathons) earlier. Have become better runner, more diet conscious (although need to follow the same more rigidly) and more appreciative of other aspects of marathon training (cross-training, strength-training, balancing and stretching). More confident and keen on doing full Marathon next year.”

Diwekar has also conducted workshops for corporate houses, NGOs, fund-raisers, clubs, for the police force and at other platforms all over India and abroad. Some of her recent workshops have been in Surat and Hyderabad.

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