Rediscover the True Taste of Authentic Cheese With Le Marechal

When it comes to great tasting cheese, Le Marechal is the newest addition on the finest selection for all cheese lovers. This cheese was first made in the early 90′s. It was a cheese maker named Jean-Michel Rapin who created this cheese that was supposed to be different from Swiss Gruyere. He named if after is grandfather, who was a blacksmith, because it shared his “original and robust character”.

Le Marechal is a firm cheese made from raw cow’s milk. It is produced in the Vaud region of Switzerland. It is aged for a minimum of 130 days before being sold in the market. For its finishing touches, the rind’s surface is hand-rubbed with aromatic herbs. It is a lovely Swiss cheese that boasts of its nutty, yet sweet with berries and butterscotch flavor.

Nutritional Benefits

Le MarĂ©chal’s nutritional qualities are comparable with other firm cheeses. Rich in calcium, it contains the indispensable proteins for healthy bones. The fact that the cows’ diet is supplemented with flax seed flour also means that Omega-3 fatty acids find their way into the cheese. For those who are keen to give their guests a pleasant surprise should offer them this cheese. Le Marechal is an amazing table cheese, and does really well in cheese sauces. Serve it with figs or fig spread, olives, and a good dry white wine.

Producing Cheese that is Rich in Omega-3

The cows’ diet is supplemented with Omega-3-rich flaxseed flour which can be up to 250 grams per kilo, especially in winter. These essential fatty acids that are good for healthy blood circulation, can naturally find their way into Le MarĂ©chal, and then on to you.


Delivered twice a day to the dairy, the milk is strictly controlled and tested. The cheeses are pressed into hemp-lined or linen-lined circular wooden moulds. The surface of the cheeses is rubbed with a mixture of aromatic herbs throughout the ripening process which lasts a minimum of 130 days. Each wheel has its own identification number and because they always want to ensure the best quality cheeses, the master cheese maker makes surprise visits to the producers at any time during milking.

It would be extremely nice to have this cheese in your next dinner. Whether you’re are planning a romantic meal for two or a night in with the family, consider adding the Le Marechal and you will surely surprise your guests. Why don’t you try to drop by your nearest local cheese shop and ask them about his cheese. You can also visit the best online cheese store now and order this cheese from Ideal Cheese’s website to have the experience of a lifetime!

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