Organic Biological Farming of Blueberry Plants


Blueberries are the most widely grown fruit crop in the United States. Blueberries are well-suited to organic culture, and good markets exist for organically grown blueberries. To return the soil to good health is the means to growing healthy flavorful blueberries.


Great compost is the cornerstone of a nutrition package for the soil. To achieve optimal results and better crops use a combination of homemade compost and compost tea.

Vermi-compost (worm castings or composting with worms)

Vermi-compost or worm-compost is a fine source of reliable compost that is biologically full of life to start a brew of compost tea. Vermi-compost is made from worms who feed on the compost. Earthworms will turn organic material into very high quality compost full of many beneficial micro-organisms. The most common types of earthworms used for vermicomposting are brandling worms (Eiseniafoetida) and redworms or red wigglers (Lumbricusrubellus). Many garden centers such as Wal-Mart usually supply them. The micro-organisms in worm castings favor healthy plant growth. And the worm castings don’t contain any disease pathogens. As the worms process the organic matter any pathogenic bacteria in the compost bin are dependably killed in the worms’ gut. This is one of the big benefits of vermicomposting.

Aerated Compost tea

One of the most important components of a good organic program is aerated compost tea. This tea, when produced properly, will introduce necessary biology into your field. Aerated Compost Tea has become the standard within the organic industry in regards to compost teas. Aerobically made compost tea is a concentrated liquid of active beneficial microorganisms, organic compounds, and soluble nutrients. An organic fertilizing system uses compost tea which is at the heart of a good organic fertilization system. The inoculums (biological material) used for the tea is worm compost from worms who feed on the compost.

Aerobically brewed compost tea is teeming with live useful microorganisms, and is the most excellent way to supply the soil with nutrients and these valuable microorganisms and maintain a vigorous and healthy soil, which is the solution to healthy plants. Healthy soil is one that is full of beneficial microorganisms that are active and responsible for producing healthy plants. This makes plants more able to fight pest and disease, which makes them more fruitful and able to endure extremes in temperature and humidity.

Aerobically made compost tea is a practical alternative to growing with chemicals

Aerobically made compost tea offers ecologically and economically sound answers to problems faced by farmers due to chemical build ups in fields and in ground water sources. Compost tea also as helps the farmer to overcome chemicalization problems. Some of the benefits include healthier plants, increased yield, less irrigation necessary, and more resistance to stress and drought situations. These benefits have been seen in many places of the world including all across the U.S.,

We can repair the mistreatment to our surroundings from toxic pollution caused by a long use of harmful chemical applications has created. Using compost tea is among the safest, most successful and most direct way to get away from and disengage from the negative blow from using chemical pesticides, herbicides, and man-made fertilizers.

Compost Tea can be is useful at five gallons to an acre. It is about impossible to apply too large an amount or too often. If there are food sources are on hand in the soil, a single application of tea will give huge profit for months or even years after. The application of compost tea helps in the establishment of a true sustainable soil environment.

Frequency of Use

The rate of use is reliant upon a number of factors, the soil in the region, the specific plant and its vulnerability to disease. Weather environment and other factors may also be involved. You cannot over use compost tea. One example of application is to make three applications each year.

In the early spring use a soil drench just before planting before the blueberry plants come out of dormancy.

Mid-summer as the blueberry plants flower out you can use foliar spray. This foliar spray helps protect the foliage and nourish the plant.

Late fall after spreading sawdust or other mulch cover to the blueberry beds. This late fall application, along with worms in the soil, will help the compost to be digested and the nutrients will be acquired the soil by spring.

Grow your own Blueberries and other plants using these methods.

Purchase your pesticide free blueberry plants from a reputable nursery. Two year old plants are usually you most cost-effective purchase. They will start producing fruit in a year and continue to mature over the next 5 years producing more and more blueberries.


Using these methods you can improve your soil and grow more healthy plants and fruit. Blueberry growers like Bob Wilt of Sunset Valley Organics have seen dramatic improvement in the production and quality of the blueberries they grow.

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