Ordering Medifast Shakes

There’s no question that of all the medifast foods, the shakes are probably the most popular.  These drinks are tasty, filling, and full of protein and nutrients.  They are also quite convenient and easy to consume.  I’m often asked if you can buy or order them individually or if you have to order a package.  I’ll address these concerns in the following article.

Medifast Shakes: Options, Nutrition,  Flavors, And Taste: Before I get into ordering, I want to go over the options and choices that you have have as well as the nutrition that the shakes contain.  Basically, there are three main choices, the 55, the 70 and the ready to drink.  You have to mix the 55 and 70 in a blender.  I actually prefer this because it allows me to control the texture and add in sugar free syrups or whipped cream. These are really easy to whip up. 

The major difference in the 55 and 70 is the protein content.  The 70 is more for men or women athletes.  Most women will opt for the 55.  The flavors available for these are banana creme, dutch chocolate, Swiss mocha, french vanilla, strawberry creme and orange creme.  I don’t like most of the creme flavors as much.  The exception to this is the banana.  I do like that one.  But, most often, I opt for the chocolate – usually the dutch variety and I add in caramel syrup or raspberry. These shakes contain about 90 calories, 11 grams of protein, and only 8 grams of sugars. They also contain a large amount of your daily requirements of over 25 vitamins and minerals.

The ready to drink shakes are already mixed for you.  Basically, this is a juice box for dieters. You stick the draw in the box and there’s nothing to mix or blend.  Obviously, these are the most convenient, but you can’t control the texture and I find these to be thicker.  I do keep these in my purse so that I always have something available, but mostly, I stick to the blender type. These are available in dutch chocolate and french vanilla. Nutritionally, these are similar to the 55, but they contain a bit less sugar.

There is also options for people with health issues which the company calls their “specialty shakes.”  There are options for diabetics, people with heart or joint issues, women who are approaching hormonal changes, and people who want added anti oxidants.   The flavors are typically chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. These are typically the 55 shakes with a bit of carbs removed (in the case of the diabetic ones) and some added ingredients (anti oxidants, anti inflammatories, hormonal herbs, etc.) depending upon the health issue being addressed.

Ordering Medifast Shakes As Part Of A Package And Individually:  There is a large variety of shakes that come with the women’s 55 package.  This is the cheapest way to order them.  And, although I know that some people don’t realize this, you won’t be consuming only shakes if you’re going to be on this diet full time.  You’ll eat five of these meals per day and with a monthly package, you’re given a variety of 143 meals, with the drinks being only part of it.

However, if you’re only interested in the shakes, you can order them individually. They often come by the box (usually 7) or by the case (usually 24.)  There are around $15 for a box and about $60 for the case.

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