Nutrition Advice For Skinny Guys – Do These and Your Muscles Will Grow Like Weeds

Let me tell you this… if you never ate out with a bodybuilder before… it is an eye-opener! I mean they eat and eat… you would be flabbergasted…

And many competitive bodybuilders are very, very precise with their nutrition. They use scales, calculators and even a pen and notebook.

But us skinny guys don’t have to do this. Maybe it is just me but I like to keep things simple and uncomplicated when it comes to good nutrition.

On the other hand… the SEE FOOD diet isn’t a good fit for me either and I am guessing it isn’t for most of us…

And you know what I mean by that… see the food — eat it! The problem with that method… it isn’t the healthiest way to go. I do want to bulk up but not at the expensive of getting fat. And if you ask most adults around you… it is way easier to put fat on then take it off.

So no thanks…

Here is the best nutrition advice skinny guys can get to build muscle mass:

Muscle gaining tip one) Eat every 3 hours. It is virtually impossible for you to eat enough calories to support muscle building on just three meals a day. It has to be at LEAST 6 to 8 times a day from now on.

Eat your first meal within twenty minutes after you wake up. And look at each time you eat as an opportunity to add fuel to the burning fire within your body — not as a chore! Think each time you eat… your chest is getting bigger, your arms are getting bigger and so on…

And whenever you MISS a meal… Oh! Are you in trouble! Then visualize a swarm of flesh eating bacteria taking bites out of your muscles…

And definitely eat something before you go to bed. Ignore that conventional wisdom that you shouldn’t eat before bedtime… it is a myth.

Muscle gaining Tip two) Rotate the variety of foods you eat or you are going to get bored with them and start eating less. So don’t be afraid to experiment and buy different foods while grocery shopping every week.

Muscle gaining tip three) Eat enough food! If you want muscles, you have to eat foods that will support and maintain the muscles. There is no other way around it. Working out harder isn’t going to build bigger muscles unless you eat enough calories. It is just impossible.

Muscle gaining tip four) Eat between forty to sixty grams of protein each time you eat a meal. Dude… if you don’t support your muscles… guess what? Your muscles are going to disappear… and the ol’ flesh eating bacteria is back again…

Proteins should make up at least 35% of your total calories. Good protein sources is whole, complete and lean. Ground beef, chicken, turkey are all good choices. Also go for fish — but make sure it is wild caught and not farm raised. Eggs, dairy and whey protein shakes.

Muscle gaining tip five) Eat between sixty to eighty grams of carbohydrates each time you eat a meal. The lack of carbs in your diet can deplete your energy level. Get your carbs from high fiber, complex and low glycemic foods and definitely avoid the simple carbs such as fast foods, fried foods, processed foods and junk foods. The complex carbs is digested slowly and releases energy over a period of time. Complex carbs rarely get converted to blubber around your midsection.

And you can find these complex carbs in bran, barley, buckwheat, beans, brown rice (NOT WHITE RICE!),oatmeal, whole wheat pasta and whole grains. Complex carbs can also be called good carbohydrates.

Muscle gaining tip six) Eat some fats. Yes, I’m not crazy as a fox. Roughly about 30% of your daily calories should be fats. Try to balance out your fats between saturated, mono-saturated and polyunsaturated fats. Don’t make it hard.

Now you have all heard about the horrible western diet which is usually deficient in mono-saturated fats (olive oils) and polyunsaturated fats (fish oils)… your job is to bring up the consumption of these two oils in your nutrition.

However… the ONLY fats you must not touch with a ten foot pole are the trans fats! These fats are the real bad guys… they clog arteries and are the main culprit of many dangerous life threatening conditions. And the typical foods that usually have trans fats are vegetable oils that are turned into margarine or shortening. You would find trans fats in french fries,fried chicken,doughnuts, cookies, pastries and crackers.

No amount of trans fat is good for you. If it is on the food label… just don’t eat it Bubba!

Muscle gaining tip seven) Mom is right. Eat your vegetables. Plenty of them! Vegetables are loaded with vitamins and minerals. They are bio acceptable to your body and are consumed readily. Vegetable nutrition is important indeed.

Big tip… cut up all your vegetables at the beginning of the week to make it much easier to prepare each meal. And shoot for at the very minimum… two servings of vegetables each day.

Muscle building tip eight) Your biggest meal of the day should be breakfast. Also before and after you workout. This is when your muscles need calories and proteins the most.

Muscle building tip nine) Plan ahead for your meals. Make a shopping list. Choose the recipes. Chop up foods. If you go to work… bring food. Travel… bring food. If you don’t surround yourself with foods… your muscles will never, ever get bigger my friend.

Muscle building tip ten) Try to get as much of your nutrition from whole foods (not packaged). The rest can be from protein shakes and smoothies.

Your body wasn’t designed to take up foods in the liquid form but 40% of the time you can do it safely. Drinking a protein shake is pretty convenient and is a good way to get enormous amounts of protein and calories in a short period of time.

But good, solid quality foods should be high on your list.

My suggestion would be to learn how to cook tasty and healthy foods if you are serious about becoming a bodybuilder. Make it fun and interesting. Be willing to experiment with recipes to get new and exciting flavors.

That’s it big guy! You got ten muscle building tips to get you started… until next time — grow strong and stay healthy.

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