Nature’s Purple Pill – It’s Free and No Prescription is Needed

Life today can be a challenge for most people. The world seems to be falling apart around us, our lives are over scheduled and we overwhelm ourselves with trying to accomplish too much in a day. We are left with little or no time to relax, rest and rejuvenate our selves and our souls.

It’s no wonder we’re depressed, stressed out and feeling overwhelmed! And, it quickly becomes obvious as to why 8 out of 10 Americans are taking some form of prescription drug, with Anti-depressants taking the top spot on the list! Over one half of all Americans are now on some kind of prescription medication! Our struggle to maintain emotional equilibrium and to shut out the daily stress of living in today’s world, leads many to their doctors office in search of relief. We are not looking for the answers to solve our problems, but to reach for the next magic pill to make us forget about our problems, but pills don’t solve problems.

How did we get so far away from living simply and stopping long enough to appreciate the beauty of life? Where did we turn the corner and decide that watching TV, playing video games or spending way too much time on our computers become the priority of our daily lives, rather than living our life well through living simply?

Can we blame this all on the massive corporate American marketing machine, convincing us to buy yet another thing we don’t need, or watch yet another, and increasingly more violent, new movie? With the advent of the Internet, cell phones, easy credit and the almighty American consumerism-lifestyle, I believe, that we all got swept away into this non-stop, never-ending buying spree and over-stimulate-my-nervous-system-please fantasy play land! Whew! My head is spinning just thinking about it! And I’ll admit it; I got caught up in it too. Very few of us escaped the lure, and the majority of us took the bait, hook, line and sinker!

Okay, so now what? America is broke, and many are out of jobs, out of their homes, dazed, confused, and definitely not sure of what to do next. I’ve been there myself, so I not only speak from first-hand experience, but also from the escape-artists perspective. I was lucky in that I saw it coming early on, America as the Titanic, with that iceberg still out there, looming somewhere in the mist. I owe it mostly due to my good instincts, rather than some highly intelligent and savvy business visionary insights.

So now that we all find ourselves in this fine mess we’ve made of things, what’s next? How do we turn something so upside down into something right again?

There is something that we can do to move out of this chaos-filled, media-driven world we’ve found ourselves in, and it goes back to living more simply. I, for one, believe it to be one of the most important things that we all can do to help alleviate the stress and strain of our currently crazed lives. It’s free, it’s abundant, it’s always available to us, and in most cases, just outside our front (or back) door.

Mother Nature provides us with a simple and free solution to many of these problems just by spending some time with her on this beautiful and magnificent planet on which we walk, sleep and live our lives. So the next time you feel overwhelmed, go for a walk, meditate under a tree, ponder the blue sky for five minutes, or rescue a bug from a puddle. The next time you hear a bird sing, stop and listen, really listen to the incredible beauty that surrounds you. Escape from the daily rat race and walk to the park, spend time with the trees that live in your back yard, they’re really great listeners and they won’t judge you. If you live in a large city, bring Nature to you by planting an herb garden to sit on your windowsill, or bring some flowering plants to brighten up your home and life with its beauty.

Nature is there for us whenever we need her, providing the gentle breeze to cool our frenetic pace, the waves to wash away our pain, or the silent snow falling to clear our minds of the fast world in which we live. Through simple appreciation and gratitude for the incredibly magnificent and beautiful Planet on which we live, and without her support we could not survive, Nature will soothe your soul back to a balanced and joyful place.

The other very important ingredient to finding peace and serenity, despite the chaos that surrounds you, is to learn to meditate. There is a way to achieve emotional balance in your life, it doesn’t require a prescription, and it is possible to learn how to responsibly respond rather than emotionally react. It might take some practice and some discipline, but the key is to know that you are always safe, rather than live from a fearful place. The way to reach this state-of-being is to meditate. Learn to listen to your heart, allow yourself to trust your own inner emotional guidance system, and to always have faith that within every problem lays a solution – no matter what is happening in your life.

Meditation is the key, the secret and the magic Genie in a bottle, all wrapped up inside of that beautiful beating heart of yours! Learning to meditate is the key that will unlock the door to peace and serenity to enter into your life. The secret is waiting inside for you to discover who you truly are, why you are here now and what you are to do next!

And, I’ve saved the best for the last, the magic Genie in the bottle, is actually the Genius inside of You! Use the key, discover the secrets and your Genius will show you the way to creating the life you’ve always dreamed of, and most assuredly deserve!

Visit my website and learn my special Heart Centered Living Meditation and begin living life well again. It is all within YOUR Heart; patiently waiting for you to unlock the door, discover the secrets, and your Genie will Joyfully show you the way from there!

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