The Zojirushi Bread Maker – The Best Bread Machine Money Can Buy

Zojirushi bread makers are favorites of bread-lovers who love quality, freshly-baked bread. They are the baking aficionados’ best companion with some of the most-well known automatic bread maker models in the market today.

The Zojirushi Home Bakery Supreme Breadmaker (Model BBCC-X20) allows one to bake large, traditional shaped 2lb loaves of bread and is one of my favorite. This versatile bread maker also allows you to prepare your dough, jam, cake, sourdough starter and meatloaf even! Isn’t that just great? Can you imagine having your freshly-made bread with some of the delicious home-made jam using this appliance? Well, that is just what I did!

The appliance contains a large viewing window and also allows for 3 memory settings to program personal recipes. There is a setting to control the crust color of the bread. The LCD control panel is easy to read and very user-friendly.

The interior matches the exterior in every way – durable for extended use of the appliance. It also comes with dual kneading blades to allow for thorough kneading and enhanced baking results. My only complaint with this model that it only allows for one standard loaf size to be made and the crust settings do not work with most combinations. Nothing’s perfect!

The next model I have with me for review is the Zojirushi BB-HAC10 Bread Machine which is categorized under the Zojirushi Home Bakery Mini Breadmaker. It is basically a small bread maker, catering to the one pound loaves. You have the option of white, whole-grain, and French breads and tasty loaf cakes perfect for one to two persons the most. The other features are mostly similar to the BBCC-X20; standard features like the LCD control panel and the different cycles which are awkwardly named “courses” here.

The good news for sandwich lovers is that the slicing produces slices that are the exact size of the Wonder Bread! It is usually priced at around $199 but you might just get yourself a good bargain if you look around – especially on the internet. My one complaint is that it comes with an instruction booklet and VHS video. (I hear many of you saying what?!). In a day and age where technology is ever evolving, the VHS is virtually unheard of anymore and slowly phasing out.

I have often heard of Zojirushi Bread Maker’s legacy and the strong recommendations I have heard about them. It wasn’t until recently that I managed to get my hands on one. I would have to say yes, they are definitely the best in their league – pricey but well worth the money for the kind of quality you get.

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