My Review of the Truth About Six Pack Abs by Mike Geary

Most ab books are all the same, giving you just the basic instructions for doing crunches or twists, then calling it a day. They try to sell you on some magical quick-fix contraption that falls apart once you buy it, or just plain doesn’t work.

That’s why I was so skeptical when I first heard about this book. But, even though The Truth About Abs website looks like one of those typical over-hyped scantily clad sweaty bodies type programs, my friend gave it a five star recommendation, and that was enough to convince me to take a look – albeit a cautious look.

So, just what did I think about this ebook? I was honestly surprised by The Truth About Abs. The author, Mike Geary, really knows what he’s doing. This 142 page book is THE manual to getting six pack abs. Mike writes in detail about what foods to eat and how you should work out to get your abs to show.

He offers you a wide variety of options for your workouts, and six different training routines that target the different goals you have for your body.

Included with the book come quite a few useful bonuses: a metabolic calculator, books on training nutrition and smoothie recipes, books on flexibility and stair exercises, a neat spreadsheet with card game exercises, and one last book that gives you information about exercises to do with a stability ball.

Since Mike wrote this book in an easy to understand conversational tone, you’ll find it easy to get drawn in. If you thought getting a six pack would be like climbing mount Everest, Mike will make it look like you’re just going to glide down a bunny slope. Even though starting on your path to six pack abs isn’t easy, the author helps you on your way with a road map for your journey.

Mike starts with information on the workout equipment required for his training, then moves on to discuss how you can eliminate junk and processed food from your diet to get a lean, fit body to go with those six pack abs. To me, the discussion on food was especially engaging, because it lined up perfectly with my own feelings about clean eating. Although I have long been a proponent of clean eating, I’ve never read such a thorough and engaging discussion regarding just how it works to help your body before.

And ladies, I know that this book might seem a little intimidating, but Mike eases your work out worries by having Holly Rigsby (who has her own fitness program- Fit Yummy Mummy by the way) model a portion of his exercise demonstrations for the book. Whether you’re a man or a woman, you can get the body you want with this book. Don’t get scared off by the idea of having a six pack. Even if you just want a flat stomach and not super defined abs, this program can really help you out.

If you follow the plan outlined in The Truth About Abs, you’ll definitely get the abs you want. This isn’t just another quick-fix program, which you’ll soon find out if you just follow Mike Geary’s advice. Just make sure that you really commit yourself to this – you don’t want to achieve your six pack, only to quit your routines and lose all you worked so hard for.

It just takes a little dedication and hard work from you. Although this is a comprehensive guide for getting the stomach of your dreams, you’ll have to follow its instructions in order for it to happen. I hope this review helped you, and that soon you pick up your own copy of Mike Geary’s “The Truth About Six Pack Abs.”

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