Making Crepes and Buying a Double Sided Crepe Maker

When it comes to fast and easy desserts, many people don’t think about crepes, but should. They are fun and easy to make, but it takes a little bit of know how, and a really slick cooking surface. You also have to have a spatula to turn them, one that can flip them quickly without breaking the delicate cake layer. The other trick is also keeping them warm, so you can make a bunch of them without the previous ones drying out, and getting hard.

The nicest part about making and serving crepes is that just about any kind of filling can be used. You can use honey, jelly from the refrigerator, canned fruit or pie filling, and even ice cream. The point is though, eat it as fast as you can before it falls out the other side. You can roll them, or fold them like a dessert taco, whatever you prefer.

People often use a variety of different recipes when it comes to crepes. One of them is to add flour in a bowl, mixing in a couple of eggs with a whisk to make a thick batter without lumps. Add just a teaspoon of sugar, a dash of salt, a little vanilla and slowly add milk just until you feel that it is getting too thin, that’s it. Since it’s not batter for pancakes, you want it to spread out thinly, and be about six or seven inches around. Some put butter right in the mix and others melt it in a pan or hot plate.

Now if you are really a crepe addict, and can afford it, why not buy a crepe maker instead? This way you can make your favorite dessert any time you want, and make it with an appliance just for it. If you want an ideal crepe maker, there is the double-crepe-maker, from Matfer Bourgeat.

This double crepe maker is made from heavy duty stainless steel, and even has a heated drawer underneath to keep your cooked crepes warm and fresh. It comes with two grounded plugs, one for each heating surface, and the cooking elements are spiral in design, so that it cooks them uniformly. The plates themselves are raised, and the plate size is 15 and three quarter inch in diameter. The raised surface design makes it so easy to lift and flip your crepes that you don’t have to worry about breaking their delicate surfaces. This unit comes with a one year warranty, has three thousand watts of power, which requires a 30 amp plug. This model really is for more commercial uses, and costs around $2,500.

Krampouz also makes a double crepe maker, both in a gas as well as an electric model. The gas models are going to be a little cheaper, and convenient if you cook with gas. For basic home uses, there are an abundance of single makers available. You can find these and many other styles online, because this is going to be your best choice for buying any size or model of crepe machine.

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