Best Skin Firming Cream – Separate the Good from the Bad

What exactly has to go into a product in order for it to qualify as the best skin firming face cream or lotion? A skin firming cream should be light years ahead of its closest competitors in terms of quality and effectiveness. Let’s take a quick look at what should and should not go into a top notch skin care product.

The best skin firming face cream or lotion should contain as ingredients only fresh pure vegetable and plant based oils. These types of oils blend more naturally into the skin due to the similarities that they have with our own natural oils. Stay away from products that contain messy petroleum based compounds as the central moisturizing ingredients.

What the choice of petroleum products as active ingredients in your skin firming lotion does is that it lowers the effectiveness of the product as a whole. Petrolatum and mineral oil have been the choice of moisturizing agent for the majority of the cosmetics made for many years now. The reason for this is because they are both inexpensive and in available in abundance.

Discovered many years ago on an oil rig, petroleum jelly became the choice of nearly every cosmetics manufacturer in the world. It is a natural byproduct of the process of converting crude oil into usable gasoline. Petroleum jelly has no place in a product that is supposed to be the best skin firming face cream in the world.

That is exactly what petrolatum and mineral oil are, is petroleum jelly in slightly more liquefied forms. These compounds will leave your skin felling greasy, as they cannot absorb readily into the skin. This causes dirt to be more attracted to your skin, blocks your pores, and keeps any decent nutrients from being able to enter your body.

A skin firming cream or lotion should also contain extracts such as Maracuja passion fruit. This extract is rich in the essential linolenic acid, which acts to nourish and revitalize your skin. It will also regulate the production of oil in your skin, preventing your skin from becoming either too oily or too dry.

The best skin firming face creams and lotions should contain active Manuka honey from The Manuka bush native to New Zealand. Rich in antioxidants, this honey is known throughout the world for its antifungal and antibacterial properties. It has been used by the people of New Zealand for medicinal purposes since before there were written records.

There are many fine ingredients that can be used to create a top rated natural skin firming cream. Babassu palm oil from the Amazon region of Brazil, moisturizes your skin, but also forms a healthy protective layer that keeps the moisture in while keeping out dirt and grime.

The best skin firming face creams and lotions that are being produced in Europe, in New Zealand specifically. There is a company there that is producing amazingly effective products that are giving people results that have never before been seen. You owe it to your skin to seek these products out, and to try the best skin firming face cream available today.

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