Improve Your Vision Health With Lycopene Rich Foods

There is a relationship between better eye health and the right nutrition. This applies to eating to improve your vision health and giving it nutritional protection from age related vision disorders. Therefore, nutrition should be an essential part of your natural vision improvement program. An example of an eye nutrient that is defined as the pigment that gives tomatoes their red color is called Lycopene. Here are some of the eye promoting benefits of this vision health nutrient:

Eye Health Benefits of Lycopene

Macular Degeneration: Due to its antioxidant fighting properties, it has a positive effect on eye health. For example, its antioxidant power can fight free radical damage thereby neutralizing the negative effects of free radicals before they can harm the Macula and the retina.

Some studies show that individuals who consume foods rich in Lycopene content have been shown to have a lower risks for Cataracts and Macular Degeneration. According to research, the best results are achieved when Lycopene is combined with other antioxidants such as Lutein and Zeaxanthin.

In terms of food sources, the richest source and the majority of the benefits for eye health come from Lycopene rich foods such as uncooked and cooked tomatoes. Surprisingly, according to a study by Cornell University, even though cooking the tomatoes decreases Vitamin C content, it actually increases the Lycopene and antioxidant content of this eye food. Other sources of Lycopene include tomato puree, Spaghetti sauce, tomato soup, salsa, ketchup and watermelon.

General Health Benefits of Lycopene

Reduces Risks For Prostate Cancer: A study involving an evaluation of disease risks factors in populations for prostate cancer was conducted. The results of this study have shown that men with a higher intake of Lycopene rich food products in their diet had a lower risk for prostate cancer even though they had a family history of this disease.

Increases Heart Health: A study involving 38,445 women revealed that an increase in consumption of tomato products lowered the risks for heart disease. Some clinical studies have also shown a relationship between an increase in Lycopene rich foods and a decrease not just in cholesterol levels, but blood pressure levels as well.

When it comes to protecting your eyes nutrition matters as the quality of your nutrition determines the health of your eyes. Form this point of view, Lycopene is a vital nutrient and when it is combined with other antioxidants such as lutein, it can reduce the risks for age related vision disorders. Ultimately, this eye health promoting nutrient improves prostate and heart health, therefore, these benefits are added incentives for including this healthy nutrient in your daily diet.

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