How to Do the Candida Diet – What to Eat & Avoid on the Candida Yeast Free Diet

Are you just starting out, learning about the health implications of candida and you’re wondering how to do the candida diet? If so then today I’ll provide a base outline for which to start from that answers many of the questions about this diet such as what to eat on the candida free diet, what not to eat etc. Best of all I’ll explain what else you should be doing in order to achieve total relief from candida for life!

What Can I eat on the Diet?

Vegetables – All sorts, especially the leafy greens. Avoid the sugary ones such as carrots and starchy ones such as potatoes. Everything else is free game. Raw is always best and you should aim to eat at least 50% of your vegetables raw. An easy way to make this happen is to buy a juicer which you can eat pounds of vegetables from each day, nothing comes close to the nutrition you can get by doing this.

Meat – OK so there is much debate as to whether any meat at all should be eaten on the diet. In my opinion it is best during the beginning of the diet to omit meat entirely for 2-4 weeks, following which point you can start eating wild fish and organic chicken and turkey. Red meat such as beef must always be organic, on or off the diet. The amount of hormones in red meat is sickening and will only destroy your health once again.

Grains – No Wheat or processed grains at all. You can and should eat, quinoa, millet, buckwheat (Which is gluten free) or amaranth. If tolerate you can eat moderate amounts of brown rice, sprouted wheat and irish or steel cut oats. All grains must be organic, which most of these grains can easily be found as.

Avoid the Following: All processed foods! Anything with added sugar is automatically out, since this is essentially all processed food you can understand why you’re supposed to avoid it. Fruit, the sugar content is too much, later on in the diet though you can incorporate some fruits into your diet. Dairy, Soy, Corn should all be avoided as well since they pose a great deal of allergenic stress on most people suffering from candida in addition to causing hormonal problems and issues with mal-absorption, especially dairy! Lastly you should be avoiding refined and whole wheat. Both are bad, the refined is extremely high in sugar content, whole wheat contains a great deal of gluten which causes digestive problems, both feed candida!

Eating healthy on this diet is great and critical to a full recovery. However it alone is not enough. You must also focus on eliminating the factors that created the overgrowth to begin with. This means cleansing various organs, including the liver, doing a thorough colon cleanse in addition to the use of anti-fungals and various other cleanses which will not only assure you of eliminating candida for life but of achieving superior health!

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