Help Your Business Thrive With Catering Software

Running a catering business or a restaurant is not a small task. Being in this industry not only includes cooking food but much more than that. A good caterer needs to possess the distinguished qualities of an accountant, a manager, a marketer, a sales person, and a bill collector all in one. Being an expert in all these fields is simply impractical for any single person. And this is where catering software tools come in and play multi purpose tasks for a caterer.

According to one estimate, the catering industry in the US alone is at around a whooping $5 billion per year. As a caterer needs to perform a number of tasks such as cooking, serving and managing, catering software will generally range from all types of food software to restaurant accounting, and general management. So, let’s discuss them one by one here.

Restaurant Accounts Software: This accounting software is used for maintaining the statistics of profit and loss on a daily basis. If you have a POS system and a computer, then you can make use of accounting software for your catering business or restaurant.

Cash Trap accounting software: This software is powered by Microsoft Excel. This provides you cost of goods, daily labor, controllable costs, and sales, budget, and profit performance. With this software you can manage your accounts with ease.

Caterease software: This catering software is highly recommended for just about everybody in the business of catering. You have three options to choose from- Express, Standard and Professional. All of these versions have different tasks they will carry out and their choice will entirely depend on your business’ requirements. The Caterease express version supports features such as event scheduling, new event wizard, data entry tools, custom prints, query tools and reports. The standard version of Caterease catering software also supports these features along with some special features. It has security settings, ingredients/costing function, event menus and staffing, batch prints and custom reports so you can see it is a fairly comprehensive package. However, if you want to have a more advanced software tool for your catering business then you must go for the professional version. This offers you certain extra benefits along with the all the above mentioned features. For example, it has the function to restore deleted events. It also has far more advanced query tools and short cuts for event data entry. And besides this, this professional version also has the feature of advanced management for your business.

Another catering software major is Capterra but we could go on forever. If none of these programs seem to fit the bill then simply search the Internet as you will find an almost unlimited number of options. Various food software tools help in the retail market. They will help you in different ways. For instance, specific food software tools are used to check nutrition ingredients. Also, food software can be used as a diet tracker. It also works a recipe store house for your business. So for both restaurant as well as catering, they are a necessity. Now, the question arises where to get all this software from. As previously mentioned you can easily find any type of catering software on the Internet. Make a good market survey and find out the best catering software for your catering business. Be careful to choose a good suitable software as it can swing the profit graph of your business high.

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