Healthy Urban Kitchen Cookbook Review – An Unbiased Viewpoint

I know, I know….diet plans are a dime a dozen and given the fact that there are so many diet gimmicks out there that don’t work, it makes it nearly impossible for a normal person looking for a healthy diet that not only is good for weight loss, it is also good for overall health as well.  Enter the Healthy Urban Kitchen Cookbook.

The creator of this book, Antonio Vildares, happens to be a certified holistic nutritionist as well as rated the #1 fitness expert in New York City as deemed by the New York Times, Sports Illustrated for Women, and Woman’s day.  His mission? 

…to show you what to eat, when to eat and how much to eat to lose weight naturally.  His book should be the bible for healthy weight loss unlike the gimmicky diet plans that simply show how to lose weight without any regard to your health in the process.

What separates the Healthy Urban Kitchen Cookbook from most of the other diet plans is that Antonio’s plan is actually the most sensible diet plan I have seen.  He incorporates common sense (which is a misnomer in most diets) with the organic mindset.  He treats a lot of what we think we know about diets and turns it on its head exposing the modern day myths and urban living mindset that has made this generation the fattest in all of mankind.

Is the Urban Kitchen Cookbook a step by step diet?

In a lot of ways it is but it goes far deeper than that.  For most, Antonio’s diet plan may pose a shock to the system, especially if your idea of a diet is a diet coke and an iceberg salad with ranch.  However, everything that he says not only makes sense, it will have you wondering how you could ever reach for that twinkie on a mid-night binge again.

Is the Urban Kitchen Cookbook easy to follow?

As far as diets go, the urban kitchen cookbook is not necessarily a diet as much as it is a lifestyle and for most Americans, following this diet would require a change in mentality.  Antonio delivers though, with over 100 mouth watering and healthy for you recipes that will have you giggling like a school girl every time you get on the scale.

In addition to this, unlike most fad diets, the Urban Kitchen Cookbook will introduce you to foods that will have you feeling energized, enhance your brain function and improve your overall health.

Who the Urban Kitchen Cookbook is for….I highly recommend it for anyone who is serious about weight loss.  It is for those who want to lose weight AND keep the weight off.  It would be perfect for diabetics or people with other weight related illnesses.  Anotnio’s diet could actually reverse some of these illnesses.

Who the Urban Kitchen Cookbook is not for:  If you are looking for a quick way to drop 5 pounds and intend to resort back to your normal diet, then this is not for you.  The bottom line is the Urban Kitchen Cookbook is not just a “diet”.  It is a lifestyle change.  And that is something that almost all of us need.

The Urban Kitchen Cookbook is one of the few diet plans out there that will not only help you lose weight, it will also help you live healthier.  I highly recommend it.

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