Eat Whatever You Want for the Holidays, and Still Burn the Fat Off

Are you worried about a turkey dinner coming up? Are you more worried about how much you will eat after the dinner is over? I can see the pie calling people’s names now. Do you gain weight each holiday season? Do you tell yourself, this year it is going to be different, only to find the same New Year’s resolution showing its ugly head?

We have a lady who tried to lose weight for over 30 years and failed until she did one simple thing. Let us understand the reason why behind her success.

Why do people gain weight during the holidays? Overeating is an obvious answer. Before you answer, think about how the body works, and why you would possibly gain new weight? Unused carbohydrates get stored into fat cells and tissues. An abundance of carbs is your first thing to check. All carbs are not created equal. What I mean is, how much of your intake of calories are high fructose corn-syrup? The food industry is now changing that name to corn sugar, as people are waking up to how bad and even dangerous HFCS is. It is all from genetically-modified food. Our bodies cannot break it down. It is converted and stored into fat. The body recognizes all toxic foods and encapsulates it in brown fat to protect itself, from you. Do you drink liquids or juice like products with HFCS? This is an additional source of weight gain about to happen.

My dear friend who was the executive research director for the World Naturopathic Health Organization said, you can pay for it now, or pay later, either way, you are going to pay. What do you do then? The answer is seriously simple and easy. Get your blood to flow. That is it. What do I mean with blood flow? How does the body work was how we started. As carbs get converted into fat, or when eating toxic food gets stored as fat, is where we start. We are also talking about anything you eat that has been cooked in a microwave. We also include anything and everything you eat that is not home cooked. Fast food, pizza, anything you eat that is to go food. (Home cooked food is no guarantee either, you get the idea though)

By clearing out your arteries, you increase your blood flow to your body. Most people forget there are over 100,000 miles of arterial systems in your body. Obviously most of these systems are microscopic or at least seriously small, and get clogged very easily! Most do not know anything with hydrogenated oil is unable to be broken down by the body. Hydrogenated oils do not occur in nature anywhere, they are man-made. They are made to increase shelf life of foods that may sit for long periods of time. Cookies, crackers, potato-chips, and aisles full of food have this ingredient. Cleaning ones arteries out now with just eating healthy and exercise may be impossible. We have advanced cardio-vascular testing equipment to prove this.

By removing the plaque from your arteries you will get your blood to flow and start to help your body heal itself. I am not talking about going to someone who got zero education on nutrition in 8 years of schooling and writes prescriptions for people and become part of the problem, instead of being part of the solution. Drugs give you all side-effects and cause you to swell. Would you give up your medications if you could? You can too. If you feel you need a doctor’s permission to go the bathroom, you are in serious trouble.

Anyone who is fat or obese today is likely about to become diabetic if you are not already. Millions of people are undiagnosed right now. Almost everything is related to circulatory issues, or lack of circulation that is. Our bodies do not need any help healing itself, it simply needs blood flow, and your body will heal itself. This includes getting rid of stored, unwanted fat. You can even get rid of cellulite! Increase your blood flow by removing the plaque from your arteries and you may start feeling like you did in your twenties. How about that for a holiday treat?

In 1998 the Nobel Prize was issued in Medicine to a group of three wise doctors who simply found out how to increase the Nitric Oxide in our systems and what amazing results ensued. We used to get plenty of NO from foods 30-40 years ago, but that food was not engineered, it did not have pesticides and herbicides, or hormones, steroids, or antibiotics in them either. All of our food does today unless you grow it yourself or you buy only from the local farmers market-careful with you meats.

By adding Nitric Oxide from an organic based plant formula I have not only lost a few inches of my belly, I have reduced my insulin intake. I have many ladies who are having headaches go away, hormones balance, improved sleep through the night, so much more, just from increased blood flow and clear arteries. Blood pressure lowers, heart-attacks do not happen, diabetic complications reverse, erectile function, body-fat dissolved, heads do not ache, pains in joints disappear, and a second life for many is now possible.

We started talking about eating whatever you wish this holiday season, and turned into a bit more. Be assured, cleaning your arteries may make you sick at first. What I mean is, when you release stored toxins in your body, that is a healing symptom and while it may be a bit uncomfortable at first, it will not kill you later. After your detox period, could be a day or two, week or two, if it is a month or two, you really are sick and this may be doing more than helping get rid of some body fat, it will likely be keeping you around for an extra decade or two.

How do you eat whatever you wish and not gain weight? Drink more water, use the only thing in the world that will clear your arteries out naturally and is organic plant based, and enjoy your holidays this year at the dinner and desert table. Please try not and overeat too. Happy holidays and enjoy the food! Dr. Mike

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