Why Homemade Skin Care is Often Not As Effective As Pharmaceutical Skin Care Products

Some people feel that homemade skin care ‘solutions’ are the best products to use when it comes to caring for the skin. So they keep trying the same homemade recipes year in and year out, without realizing that their skin is continually changing as they age. Skin care products that are homemade may seem attractive to some; however it is not skin specific or tailor made to suit the specific needs of your skin.

Skin care is a highly complex subject matter that involves understanding your skin and its need amidst changing environmental conditions. Hence, skin that could normally repair itself in youth now needs intervention to heal. This is due to the ever changing climatic conditions, exposure to the elements and our constantly changing immune system.

Homemade skin care recipes are generally learned through word of mouth. One common example is when a recipe has been passed from mother to daughter and so on. Because of this there is no scientific analysis of the balms and the creams that our mothers and grandmothers prepared. Moreover these natural therapies work quite slowly, so much so that by the time they start the healing process, the problem has already reached the deeper layers. On the other hand, modern methods are faster and more precise. These modern methods and medicines are developed by using the latest in technical and scientific advancements.

Pharmaceutical skin care products are tried and tested with precise results before they are released to the public. They also come with the correct procedures about the application of the skin care product. For example a cream on the face is always applied in an upward direction to prevent sagging. The application of the product also involves removing your make up before sleeping the night, the correct cleansing, toning and moisturizing of the skin.

Homemade skin care is more of a ‘hit or miss’ method rather than a real recognition of the problem. On the other hand, a dermatologist is experienced in various kinds of skin care issues and can help with the right treatment and advice. Sometimes, carelessness in skin care disorders and the indecisiveness to consult a skin care specialist can cost you the glow of your skin.

These days, people who are serious about their skin don’t waste time by stirring concoctions and medicinal mixtures in their home. All these people do is that they go to a dermatologist who analysis their skin and prescribes the appropriate medicines. These medicines act quickly and control the damage of the skin and reduce blemishes and scars.

Abandoning the science and reason of pharmaceutical skin care products for the folksy charm of homemade skin care is a wasteful proposition. Gone are the days when the pharmaceutical skin care products were feared by the common man, lest they contained chemicals which produced allergic reactions. However, these days the situation has changed. Advancements in medicine and science have made these pharmaceutical products so specific and precise that now a days its better to be sure now than to be sorry later. So the next time you choose a skin care product pay attention to the ingredients and the dermatologist’s advice.

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