What to Look For in an Anti Wrinkle Facial Care Product

Mirror, mirror on the wall… Show me no wrinkles, that is all!Is that you? Americans spend billions of dollars on skin care products. Looking young and feeling good about the person staring back at your from the mirror can boost your self-esteem and confidence like nothing else can.Aging is a natural process and wrinkles are inevitable signs of the passing of time. But today’s world demands that you look picture perfect, at your youngest best, at all times! Modern day living, pollution and stress, takes its toll on our bodies and causes us to age prematurely. Facial skin care can no longer be neglected or optional. Understanding the causes of wrinkles can help us delay the process aging.

Causes of Wrinkling: Wrinkling happens when the collagen (structural protein in the skin) and elastin (protein that causes tissues to stretch) and hyaluronic acid (gives volume to our skin) begins to decrease due to causes mentioned below in this article. These proteins help to keep the skin tight, soft and elastic. As long as these proteins are in abundance, the skin is supple and resilient. There are a number of factors that contribute to wrinkles on our face.After the age of 30 the skin starts losing its capacity to rejuvenate. Skin cells begin to divide more slowly and the dermis (inner skin) begins to thin. Collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid begin to decrease. Skin begins to thin and lose its elasticity. Creases begin to appear due to habitual facial expressions. We notice these as frown lines, between the eyebrows and crow’s feet, lines that radiate from the corners of the eyes. Aging degenerates sweat and oil-secreting glands. Our skin begins to lose its ability to retain moisture. Skin begins to look dry, scaly and loses its elasticity.

It begins to sag and form wrinkles. In the process of aging, dark spots develop due to the over-production of melanin, a pigment which gives color to the skin. The over-production of melanin is uneven, thus producing small clumps of dark spots, or age spots on the face. This also happens after years of exposure to the sun.A recent study showed that wrinkles on your skin are caused more than just the natural process of aging. Accelerated aging can occur due to prolonged exposure of skin to the sun, pollution, smoke, and inadequate eating habits. In an article featured in Medical News Today, Dr. Yarosh stated, “We know photodamage accounts for nearly all of the symptoms of premature skin aging, and wrinkles associated with aging result in a decrease in collagen.” (AGI Dermatics Data Shows Efficacy Of Bicyclic Monoterpene Diols In Treatment Of Molecular Markers Of PhotoAged Skin, Dermatology, 05 Feb 2007). Ninety percent of symptoms of premature aging is caused by ultraviolet radiation, and most of these occur before the age of 20.

Cigarette smoking can add years to your face. This is because smoking decreases capillary blood flow to the skin depriving it of needed oxygen and nutrients thus producing large amounts of free radicals. Free radicals damage cell tissues, thus accelerating the aging process. Studies show that too much sugar in your diet can cause the skin to look dull and produce more wrinkles. This happens through a natural process called glycation which produces harmful new molecules called Advanced Glycation End products (AGEs). What do AGEs do in your body? They damage collagen and elastin as reported by Dr. Fredric Brandt, MD, and author of 10 Minutes 10 Years. Simply put, more sugar, produces more AGEs. But wait! You don’t need to grow old so soon! In addition to a good diet rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin C, there are a number of effective facial care products available to help your skin remain soft and supple.

How to Choose an Anti-Wrinkle Face Cream: Which face cream to use will depend on how old you are, your skin type and the sensitivity of your skin, which climate you live in. Understand first, what you are looking for in your skin product. If you are young you may just want to use a broad-spectrum sunscreen lotion. If you are older, you will definitely want to reverse early or even advanced signs of aging. Understanding the causes of wrinkling as we have done, will help you choose an anti-wrinkle serum which will effectively reduce the symptoms of aging. Look for products that will stimulate the growth of collagen and elastin, fade away age spots, moisturize your skin and give you an even skin tone.

Make sure there are antioxidants Vitamin A (skin creams will usually have these in the form of retinoids) and Vitamin C (in the form of L-ascorbic). Topical application of these have shown good results. You will also want to look for a product that is natural, chemically free so that it does not harm your skin in long-term use. Do your homework. For instance, if you are thinking of using the night cream, NightSkin, review its claims. Does it have documented clinical analysis? Be sure to check with your dermatologist if you want to make sure that you are using a product that is safe and will give you the most effective results for your skin type. Selection of a skin cream is your decision. No one knows your skin better than you. Skin care experts, self analysis and research will help you make the right decision. After all, in today’s world, a beautiful, radiant, younger looking skin is no longer a dream.

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