Vacations and Food – They Just Naturally Go Together

Have you ever heard the word “gastronomy”? Well, it is defined as the art or science of good food and/or eating and you can be sure whether the driving force or just a big part, gastronomy plays a big part in the modern day vacation. A new term, “Foodie” vacations, have become a popular description for vacations planned totally around the opportunity to experience some the best cuisine in the world but as you many know, international travel requires a passport so if getting a new passport is something you need to do, you can locate many passport agencies online and they will provide you quick, secure service.

Let’s start our foodie vacation investigation halfway around the globe in Singapore. Yes, foodies from all over the world travel here to experience some of the finest Asian restaurants you can ever enjoy. The Singapore natives are quite passionate about their eating and drinking and their culture and culinary art will insure your enjoyment. It can certainly be said that their culture is food and food is their culture. Your enjoyment here will not be limited, however, as you can also enjoy delights originating from France, Italy, China and Malaysia.

We now travel to Spain and to Barcelona in particular which is also a very popular destination for those seeking to delight their taste buds while vacationing. Food markets can be found in abundance along the Barcelona streets and you will find restaurants presenting some of the most flavorful food in the world. Known for its tapas, this famous Spanish appetizer is as diverse as the creativity of the chef and is a Spanish tradition no matter where you choose to dine. Spanish olive oil can be enjoyed as well as purchased for the trip home. The Pastas Alimenticias bakery and the Mercat de la Boqueria are known around the world as two of the best eatery destinations available.

No foodie vacation list would be complete without listing Avignon, France. The largest percentage of the economy of this town relates to the food industry, both the manufacturing, exporting and, of course, presentation and enjoyment. Wineries, vineyards and restaurants provide the visitor with boundless opportunities to enjoy the tasty meals offered here as well as some of the finest wines worldwide.

Bologna, Italy is considered one of the food capitals of the world and, of course, Italy means pasta! Italian pasta and pizza enjoyed in this city can create an atmosphere of enjoyment that you will not want to leave. The streets abound with markets selling fresh fruits and vegetables as well as breads and, of course, the absolute best Italian cuisine you will ever find. Some of the world favorites that have actually been birthed in this city include Bolognese sauce, prosciutto, salami, martadella and an assortment of local wines.

Traveling internationally requires a passport and that need not cause you any alarm. With a few clicks on your computer, you can easily find a passport agency making the need for urgent passport renewal, passport replacements or just getting additional pages for your current passport as easy as going to your home computer.

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