The Trend of Jamdani Sarees

India is known for multiple specialties, be its vibrant culture, beautiful traditions or globally renowned delicacies. People from all over the world not only admire its rich heritage, but have also adopted its lifestyles in some way or the other. One example of this is Indian clothing. Indian sarees have crossed boundaries to reach out to women in different countries.

There are different varieties of sarees and all of them entail a certain amount of significance in Indian cultural history. We will talk about West Bengal’s famous jamdani sarees and jamdani silk sarees in this article.

History and Origin

  • Jamdani is a Persian word – ‘jam’ means flower, and ‘dani’ means vase or container.
  • Jamdani sarees are traditional cotton sarees which originated in Bengal and are produced in Bangladesh’s Dhaka district. Fine detailing and elaborated ornate workmanship defines these sarees. In addition to this, jamdani fabric is one of the finest muslin textiles of Bengal.
  • Jamdani sarees are marked with attractive ‘batik’ prints, different floral forms, circular ‘kalka’ shapes, pyramidal variations and geometric designs.
  • Jamdani silk sarees get hand-painted silk-scrolls which are made in different sizes using high quality silk threading.

Designer Bridal Sarees

  • The best part about these exquisite Jamdani handloom sarees is that they can be modified for a variety of occasions.
  • Nowadays, Jamdani bridal sarees have become the topmost choice for women because of their elegance and comfort.
  • These carefully weaved sarees symbolize the aristocracy of the Mughal emperors. You will get thousands of colourful options if you are looking one for your D-day.
  • Their demand has exponentially increased over years because these sarees are light weighted and easy to carry.
  • Jamdani is a woven fabric in cotton that can be worn for both regular wear as well as party wear.
  • The most amusing fact about the weaving procedure for these sarees is that its designs are drawn on a diagram paper that is set underneath the warp in black and white, instead of sketching on the saree.

Other Jamdani Sarees

Jamdani sarees are not only available in silk fabric but they are made in cotton as well. Jamdani cotton designer sarees are famous for their delicate texture and supple touch. These fine handloom pieces are decorated with multicoloured linear or floral motifs, which signify symbolic meanings. Weavers make every piece by carefully incorporating single coloured borders and different meenakari effects. In addition to this, these sarees get delicate checks and stripes using a thick yarn. Nowadays, you will also find Jamdani sarees with several modish changes like tie and dye designs, and beautiful tapestry of geometric patterns.

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