The Top 5 Alkaline Diet Recipes – Yum!

For cleansing of the body as well as weight loss it is essential to follow an alkaline diet which comprises of eating mostly vegetables and fruits along with a few nuts. The problem with most diets is that as soon as one goes off them, the weight comes right back on. The alkaline diet is a plan that you can incorporate in your daily schedule so as to last a life time. The other problem with diet foods is that they taste horrible and one has to sacrifice most of their loved recipes. To solve this, below are 5 of the best alkaline diet recipes which will tempt any food lover.

The best of these recipes is the lime chille stir fry. Pulp coriander, pestle, motar, chilles and lime juice together to form a sauce. Then stir fry broccoli, beans, peas, and cabbage till soft yet crunchy. Add on a bed of brown basmati rice and pour the sauce over the vegetables. Not only is this pick of alkaline diet recipes high in nutrition and of course alkaline foods but it also is an easy to make yet fancy tasting dinner.

The next on the list is the dressed asparagus. Steam the asparagus and a few spring onions till tender. Add avocado butter, some grated lemon peel and some lemon juice and thyme to make a dressing. A simple dish, full of alkaline ingredients as well as taste. Remember to snip off any white asparagus tips though since white asparagus tips are acidic foods. This is one of the easiest alkaline diet recipes. Can be made on real short notice and taste best if served hot.

Hummus is highly alkalizing food and so definitely a part of the alkaline diet recipes. So all one needs to do is take some chick peas, tahini paste, garlic lemon juice and some olive oil. Mix all the ingredients together in a mixer and add some salt and pepper for seasoning and voila your hummus is ready. It is a lovely side dish as a dip with steamed vegetables. Healty alkalizing recipes can be found to suit each time of the day as well as all taste buds.

Another good alkaline diet recipes pick is broccoli soup. Take some steamed broccoli and put in a blender with avocado, spinach, red onions and celery stick, and churn. Add seasoning to taste and you have a lovely warm soup for those winter evenings. Also the spinach stays raw and so does not loose its alkaline essence.

Another raw soup with positive alkalizing properties is the missed vegetable soup. Take as many vegetables as you like and blend them in the blender with some vegetable stock. The stock should be hot but the vegetables should all be raw and thoroughly washed. Add seasoning to taste and it is ready.

These picks from the alkaline diet recipes are easy to make and delicious to have. They help alkalize the body and are essential for a healthy and long life.

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