The Lifestyle of a Self-Made Millionaire That You Never Know

When you look at television, you will notice that every rich people play a bad character, they are the bad guys who monopoly the whole market, they are the bad guys who show off with their luxury cars and stay in huge bungalow, they owned many companies, they spend lavishly, and they dine in the finest restaurant with expensive red wine.

Is this the real lifestyle of the rich? Not likely. In the real world, someone who is rich often live a frugal lifestyle. Self-made millionaires save and invest more than they spend. If you think that the lifestyle of a rich man is like what it is shown in the TV, then you are totally wrong. In his book, The Millionaire Next Door, the author Thomas Stanley carried out surveys on self-made millionaires, and he found that self-made millionaires live a frugal lifestyle and not like what you have seen on the TV.

So why there is a big difference and why rich people are frugal? The answer is simple, if you are spending lavishly without any consideration; you are not going to be rich. This is a common sense, if you spend all of your money without saving or putting them into investment, how are you going to grow all the money? You are going to lose money faster than you earn. That is why self-made millionaires are so frugal. They know that they have to save and invest their money instead of spending all of them.

For a lot of people, they thought that once they have the money, they can buy whatever they want and that will make them happy. While for self-made millionaires, their thinking is that, they must first be happy with what they are doing, and money will flow to them. So you see, there is a big different here. Poor or middle-class people thought that they can buy anything with money which makes them happy. In the opposite, self-made millionaires be happy with what they did first, usually their business and investment, then only money will follow.

Therefore, the first thing you need to learn if you want to be a millionaire, is to be frugal. Learn how to live a frugal lifestyle. Spending what you earn without consideration is a suicide. In fact, being rich is not about earning and spending, it is about saving and investing.

I’m not saying that self-made millionaires will not buy luxury items like sports cars. However, they will consider the decision strongly before they make the purchase. And the main difference is that they only buy luxury items with excess money after saving, investing and after they have achieved their targets.

So you must learn how to be frugal and live the happy lifestyle now. If you cannot learn how to be happy now, I don’t think that you will be happy even if you have all the money. Money is just the magnifying glass that magnifies your values. If you are someone who is generous, you will be more generous if you had the money. However, if you are someone who is greedy, you will be even greedier when you are rich.

So you see, money is just the magnifier that magnifies your values. That is why frugal people are rich, while those who spend lavishly, they are often broke. Hence, adopt the self-made millionaire lifestyle of frugality today if you truly desire to make millions of dollars and be a millionaire.

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