The Degree of Life

The opportunities available to the younger generation have become immeasurable and taking advantage of what is on offer is essential to anybody wanting to create a worthwhile life. To us retirees we were not as fortunate and universities were for the well off so we had no option but to become trainees or apprentices.

However, what we do have is the knowledge and experience that we have accrued over the many years we have lived. This passed on to our children can become of great benefit to them for now and many years to come but the number of years that we will be able to share this information with our off spring is entirely down to us.

Caring for our bodies and minds is of the utmost importance not just for our own quality of life but that of future generations. Falling into the trap of opting for an easy life should not be considered and following this path will only send the wrong messages to our children and grandchildren. As well as giving them the advantage of our life experiences, helping them to conduct themselves in a meaningful and healthy way will ensure that you have done your best for future generations.

As time passes by we learn of the many things that cannot be taught in the class room and how to care for ourselves is one of them. Sport is taught in schools but healthy eating is often overlooked; children are often fed what they like rather than what their bodies need. Parents have less time to sit down at mealtimes with their children for a number of reasons and a diet of fast convenience foods is often the easy option. The reason for this is to save time and steer clear of arguments that generally occur when a child is confronted with a healthy meal they do not like.

When we were growing up there was a certain lack of abundance of dietary options available and we had to eat what we were given or go hungry. In society today this could be seen as verging on abuse but it did us no harm and we grew up eating fresh vegetables and fruit. Processed foods were rarely consumed and our parents worked hard to provide for us but what we received we were appreciative of.

For these reasons it is vitally important to care for ourselves the best way we can to oversee and advise on the upbringing of our grandchildren for many years to come. The ability to manage and maintain a healthy and productive lifestyle will set an example to others who may criticise us as we age but deep down we can become a source of envy and respect.

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