The Best Skin Creme For Men is NOT Your Wife’s, and I Will Prove That to You Now in Just 50 Seconds

Here’s a really simple way to show that the ‘best’ skin creme for men is not their wives’ favorite creme.

Just ask, “Does a woman shave her face every day like a man?” Obviously the answer is No.

Then, ask would it make any difference if a face was scraped and lathered every morning. Again, the answer is obvious. Yes!

And so the best skin creme for men is going to be designed to deal with different skin and will include different specific ingredients than the wives’.

For one thing it has to counter the effects of all that shaving.

By the time a man is 50 he’s almost certainly pulled a shaver across his jaw something like 11,500 times. At first that is just a mild wipe. But as the years pass that jaw is scraped, tugged and pushed more and more. Daily the harsh, synthetic-filled shaving cremes many of us use are brushed on with a heavy, vigorous hand. And maybe we splash on aftershave when its all over, complete with harmful fragrance additives and caustic liquid compounds.

For another thing, male skin products have to be designed for skin that is thicker and more oily than female ones.

There are some perfectly good cremes that will work well for men, among all the cheap and nasty rubbish products that just smell good. So let’s see how we would use the best skin creme for men in the daily routine of shaving.

Shaving should begin with cleaning. So wash your face with a cleanser that has none of the harsh ingredients of hand washing soap from the supermarket that often just dry or irritate the skin, and layer on the harmful substances found in all artificial fragrances. Instead look for emulsifying ingredients that will gently remove oil and dirt without taking away the skin’s natural oil.

You will have discovered the best time to shave is right after a wash when your face is moist and your whiskers softened. Get rid of the harsh supermarket shaving creme and get a gel made from vegetable products. They won’t lather like supermarket soap, but neither will they damage your skin as much. Shave carefully.

Then, when you’re done, use an alcohol-free toner that has no artificial fragrance. This will get rid of shaving residue, make the pores tighter, and gently help your skin recover from the razor blade scrape.

This is where it’s important to get the best skin creme for men you can find. As you hunt for one, a good ingredient to look for is CynergyTK.

One thing this does is slow down and stop your body producing Prostaglandin E2, which causes inflammation and therefore gives your face those red blotches which make you look older.

But it does even more. It has been shown in trials to stimulate and rejuvenate collagen and elasin in new skin cells. When you were younger these compounds worked in your skin and tissues to give you your youthful look. But as you aged the body produced less and less of them, and your skin looked less and less young. In fact it began to look old.

You can’t replace collagen by rubbing it in to your skin with a creme — the molecules are too big to pass through your skin — but this important protein can be encouraged to stop breaking down and rejuvenate. And this is what CynergyTK does. As it pushes up your collagen levels again, your skin will begin to regain its youthful look.

You will know you have found one of the best skin creme for men when you find CynergyTK on the label.

So there you have it, the best skin creme for men is going to gently take into account your male skin properties and your daily male ritual with the razor and shaving soap. And like all male skin products, it will probably contain CynergyTK which will gently rejuvenate your dwindling supplies of elasin and the protein collagen and you will find your skin losing the tell-tale wrinkles, folds and red blotches of most older men. Like some more information on this? I have a small web site,, devoted to male skin products and a recommendation of what I think is the best skin creme for men. I invite you to click to my site now.

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