Stories of Hope: Cured Of Blindness: A Stem Cell Therapy Story

This is the story of Doug Oliver, who suffered from macular degeneration or progressive blindness for more than two years. His medical team conducted a step cell treatment on him and now he has recovered his eyesight and is leading a healthy life.

Doug started losing his vision at the age of 32. When consulted with doctors, they told him that this was the result of macular degeneration and he would gradually lose his vision. Doctors did not give him any hope and said nothing could be done to regain his sight.

To make the situation worse for him, he met with an accident after the diagnosis, which made his stand in front of another devastating news. He might lose his vision completely. Some tests were done on him that revealed his vision was as 20/2000 in the left eye and 20/400 in the right eye.

However, having found out about his condition, Doug was not willing to give up. He was not ready to succumb to the prediction that his sight could not be cured. So, he started screening latest clinical studies, databases and trials related to macular degeneration. This was the time when Doug discovered Dr. Jeffrey Weiss’s clinical trial with stem cells in order to treat macular degeneration.

Doug enrolled himself in the Florida-based trial in 2015. And only after two days of stem cell therapy, he started to feel a difference in his vision. The stem cell therapy involved extracting his own stem cells from his marrow of the hip bone. The stem cells then were injected directly into both of his retinas. Two days later, his vision showed an improvement to 20/40 in his left eye and 20/30 in the right eye.

The joy of seeing the world again in its full glory was evident in his confession that he made while he was going back home. He said, “I could see the boats and the little wake lines that you see from 30,000 feet. I acted like a 6-year-old and loved it.”

Doug was an IT specialist and a social policy consultant. His job demanded a lot of traveling by car. During one of those drives, he realized that his vision was not as same as before. Moreover, the accident cost him his driving license as well, which eventually led him to lose his job. He was not only going through physical issues, but also through a mental turmoil. An active person like him needed to rely on monthly disability check. But stem cells helped him bounce back and how!

Doug has not only got his vision back, but he also gained his position back in the community. He said, “I went back to the DMV and got my license in Tennessee in December.” He is currently in talks with Lamar Alexander, the Senate Health Committee Chairman, so his can share his experience and story with others. Doug’s story may also play a crucial role in passing the 21st Century Cures Act, which focuses on the advanced regenerative therapy and the required funding for clinical trials, similar to one he was a part of.

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