Skin Care – Acne Prevention Tips

Preventing the formation of acne usually is very necessary during teen years. It can lead to embarrassing situations and also can be distressing at the crucial age when the youngsters are worried about their looks. Most of the teen boys and girls and even some adults go through a lengthy experience combating issues with acne. Teenage girls must give great attention to preventing the occurrence of acne because of hormonal surge that is link to the beginning of menstruation. Here are some skin care acne prevention tips.

The upswing of hormonal movements is the principal cause of acne sprouting up. This then gives rise to the production of excess oil in the sebaceous glands of the skin. It is rather unfortunate that acne affects most parts that are always visible and is not in keeping with the fashion trends of the present day. Most compounds made for control and prevention of acne contain precise resources to tackle the very core of the problem. The pack will specify if it contains chemicals which include benzoyl peroxide (usually combined with erythromycin – the popular antibiotic). The well-known cream, Clearasil is made from this agent.

Teenagers affected by acne feel that prevention is possible only by dieting and frenzied cleansing. They are misguided to assume that acne occurs due to lack of nutrition and poor hygiene. Keeping away from fatty foods like cheeseburgers will surely be the right step for ensuring good health in all ways. But it will not help much in the prevention of acne. Hygiene of the skin is surely vital and acne can be prevented by keeping the skin clean, to some extent. But you should not overdo this and take to extremist means like washing your face with some harsh soap or even toothpaste. This can only worsen the problem with encouragement to augment oil formation inside the skin.

The idea that astringents deter the secretion of secretion of extra oil is only a myth. Astringents look into the oils at the surface. But these are useless in preventing acne since they get the skin shrivel a little. The pores are then blocked bringing about long-term irritation for short-term inconsequential advantages. The best treaded route would be to utilize a gentle cleansing agent and wash the full face (not only the legendary ‘T-zone’ or the area affected) and using a shampoo on the hair frequently.

Oily hair can lead to an oily face. This is true for people with short hair (chin or shoulder length). You must remember that picking out or even rubbing of acne marks is just not done. Attempting this will bring about permanent scars and discoloring of the skin which may then need the use of laser treatment to put it right later. Too much of exposure to the light of the sun is also uncalled for especially if you are on a drug called “Trenitoin” that tends to increase photo sensitivity of the skin. Use of Tanning lamps will bring about the same damaging effects. Females who have been suffering from outbreaks of acne must thoroughly check for the contents of the cosmetics they use. They should limit to using cosmetics without any oily base and having the label ‘noncomedogenic’ (which does not block skin pores) written on the package. You should also avoid wearing sports headgear like cycling helmets and headbands. Fashion accessories which cover some part of the skin on the face also give rise to restriction or tenderness. These Skin care acne prevention tips are useful in avoiding acne.

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