Overlooked Skin Care Moisturizer Cream That Gives You the Healthier Skin That You Deserve

Have you ever used a skin care moisturizer cream that in the end only made you problem with dry skin worse? That actually happens to more people than you might imagine, and it is not because your skin is incurable. It is because the majority of the skin care products that are available to you simply do not have the correct ingredients to allow you to make your skin better.

What you get when you buy the typical creams on the market are nothing more than chemical agents, and ingredients that are not quite as “natural” as they are advertised to be. What these “natural” ingredients tend to be are nothing more than byproducts created by the deeds of man. Petroleum based moisturizing ingredients are a perfect example of this.

The two most common ingredients that you will find in a skin care moisturizer cream are the petroleum products mineral oil, and petrolatum. These two ingredients are nothing more than liquefied Vaseline, which is a product that at one time, was hailed as being the answer to all of your skin care problems. It failed miserably at this task.

These so-called natural ingredients would not even have come into existence had it not been for man’s dependence on oil as fuel. Petroleum jelly was discovered on an oil rig back in the 1800’s, and if not for the crude oil process would have never come into existence. You need to avoid these ingredients if you want you skin to get better.

A petroleum based skin care moisturizer cream will do nothing for you other than help to attract dirt and grime to your skin, clog your pores, interfere with exfoliation, and reduce the production of your skin’s natural oil. What you could end up with in the end is dry, flaky skin with a multitude of blackheads, and possibly even acne.

What you need to use instead of the products that rely on these damaging moisturizing agents are those that contain all natural, plant based ingredients in them. These compounds offer your skin all of the essential nutrients and antioxidants that it requires in order to be healthy. Truly natural ingredients offer you benefits that you could not even dream of getting from the conventional creams and lotions on the market.

You should be shopping around for a skin care moisturizer cream that contains the ingredients Functional Keratin, and Phytessence Wakame. These compounds are a mixture of keratin proteins, and an extract taken from a particular variety of kelp. What they will do for your skin is something that no other ingredients available will match.

For a product that will increase your collagen and elastin production, while raising the levels of the hyaluronic acid in your skin you have to choose the ones containing these two ingredients. Functional Keratin and Phytessence Wakame will remove years from your appearance, and give you the healthier skin that you deserve.

By choosing your skin care moisturizer cream carefully you can avoid all of the pitfalls that people normally encounter with their skin care product, and reap all of the benefits that you’ve ever dreamed of.

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